Illinois Paycheck Calculator

Illinois Paycheck Calculator

While nearly 6.4 million people are employed in the Illinois overall, approximately 45.1% of the state's employees are employed in the business sector alone.


The State of Illinois has more than 1.2 million businesses, half of which employ more than 50 people.

While nearly 6.4 million people are employed in the state overall, approximately 45.1% of the state's employees are employed in the business sector alone.

The state's tax regulations require employers to use the E-Verify system to confirm their employees' eligibility to work.

Businesses must report sales tax on purchases made through their online and physical stores. Therefore, we are here to help you with our Illinois paycheck calculator to discover your take-home salary.

Registering a Business in Illinois

Business registration forms are available online through the Illinois Secretary of State and the Illinois Government.

Depending on what kind of business you're registering, you will have to fill out several different types of forms.

Some businesses need a separate registered agent and checking account, while others may only require a single application form.

Illinois Tax Overview

The State of Illinois has a three-tier tax system on income and certain types of property. Some types of income are taxed, while others are exempt.

The state income tax is subject to a flat rate, and there are also local taxes that vary from county to county.

Employers must fill out Form W-2, and W-3, to withhold these amounts from employee wages at withholding rates set by the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Taxable Base Wage

The taxable wage base is the maximum amount of an employee's earnings that you must pay taxes on. For 2023, the base wage for Illinois is $13,271.


Illinois Base Wage







SUTA Rates

SUTA stands for State Unemployment Tax Act. This is a tax on the unemployment benefits that employers pay through their company's employees.


Illinois SUTA Rates


0.675% - 6.875%


0.725% - 7.625%


0.85% - 8.65% 

The contribution rate for employers with three or more years of experience, known as experience-rated employers, is determined by a ratio called the benefit ratio. This ratio is set up in a manner where the rate increases as the employer's actions result in greater unemployment.

FUTA Rates

FUTA is usually deducted from employee paychecks. These rates are used to fund state unemployment insurance programs and repay any loans made by the federal government to the state.


Illinois FUTA Rates







FICA Rates

FICA is a payroll tax that goes into funding government employee benefits, such as Social Security tax and Medicare tax.


Illinois FICA Rates







Illinois Payroll Taxes Withholding

The Illinois Department of Revenue is the department responsible for payroll tax withholding in Illinois. This includes all wage reports, employment and unemployment tax returns, wage withholding, sales tax, and use tax. It also includes other miscellaneous filings, like Form 1099.

Illinois Paycheck Calculator

The paycheck is what you receive as income. However, the paystub shows how the paycheck is distributed, including taxes and insurance deductions.

The W-4 form states withholdings including the difference between net pay and gross pay in addition to medical insurance and LTD: long-term disability insurance). Besides, it also covers 401(k)  and deductions for HSA and FSA.

You can calculate all these taxes using a free Illinois paycheck calculator. We also have an Illinois hourly paycheck calculator for your further ease.

Here is an example of paycheck calculation for Chicago. Let’s say your wage per hour is $20, and you work for 150 hours a month. Your total monthly income (gross wage) would be $20 x 150, or $3000. 

According to 2023 Illinois tax rates;


  • The federal income tax will be 11.43% = ($343)
  • The state income tax will be 4.63% = ($139)


  • The social security will be 6.2% =($186)
  • The medicare will be 1.45% = ($44)  

No other taxes are applied to the paychecks. So, the remaining take-home money will be approximately $2289.


illinois hourly paycheck calculator

Illinois Child Support Calculator

According to Illinois law, child support is when a parent pays child support to the other parent.

If you are getting divorced in Illinois, you will have to calculate child support according to the child support guidelines established by the Illinois Department of Healthcare & Family Services.

In Illinois, child support calculation takes into account both parents' income.

The calculation further involves health insurance costs that are not reimbursed by insurance, daycare costs, and unreimbursed medical expenses incurred while caring for the child directly.

Labor Laws in Illinois

Illinois labor laws help to protect employees from unfair treatment by their employers. The state has several laws regarding minimum wage, overtime pay, paid sick leave, and working hours. Since child labor is a crime, it is not taxed.

Employers must comply with these statutes, which can be found in the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

Illinois Pay Stub Generator

Pay stubs are crucial in confirming your income, taxes, and benefits, which you can generate using an online paystub generator or Illinois check stub maker.

Pay stubs are necessary to determine your eligibility for items such as insurance, mortgages, and loans.

Illinois Tax Resources

Illinois Department of Revenue - Illinois State Tax Forms

Internet address:

Regional Office: Maine North Regional Building

9511 Harrison Ave.

Des Plaines, IL 60016-1563


Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Phone: 1-800-356-6302

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - Federal Tax Forms

Taxpayer assistance: 1-800-829-1040

IRS Website:


  • How to calculate a paycheck in Illinois?

To calculate a paycheck in Illinois, you need to know the gross pay, taxes, and deductions.

You can use our Real Check Stubs Chicago Paycheck Calculator to calculate taxes on your paycheck by taking into account federal, state, and local tax rates.

  • What are the Illinois income tax rates?

In Illinois, the individual income tax rate is 4.95 percent on all taxable income.

  • Can I use the Illinois paystub generator for free?

Yes, you can use Real Check Stubs Paystub Generator to print a free printable pay stub.


Our Illinois paycheck calculator can let you know how much of your pay you will receive after income tax has been deducted. You can also follow the same calculator for the cities, for example, the Aurora paycheck calculator.

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