Create Your Own Paycheck Stub with the Advanced 2 Template

The serious, no-nonsense grey and white design of the Advanced 2 pay stub template immediately conveys professionalism. Apart from looking really neat, this ¾ page design is simple, clean and fully customizable.

The Advanced 2 Template includes editable fields and a direct deposit slip section. These features are perfect for businesses and individuals who need to make deposits easily while also keeping track of extensive payroll information.

Watch Demo

Watch Demo

How to Use the Advanced 2 Pay Stub Template

While the Advanced 2 paycheck stub template offers extensive functionalities, it’s fairly simple to customize.

Step 1: Select the number of paystubs you’re going to need from the drop-down menu.
Step 2: Enter the manner in which the person’s getting paid (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.).
Step 3: Select your state from the drop-down menu.
Step 4: Decide if you’re going to activate the deposit slip functionality.
Step 5: If you need to, click on Advanced options for additional possibilities.
Step 6: Choose and fill out the advanced options you need – pay period YTD and auto calculator.
Step 7: Fill out the fields on the template itself – company details, employee details, earnings (regular, overtime, bonuses, vacation pay, commissions, etc.), deductions, etc.
Step 8: Click on View Your Stub after you review the data that you’ve entered and the automatically calculated fields (like the deduction ones).
Step 9: If you’re happy with the results, click on Submit Information to have your pay stub generated.

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Advanced is just one of four comprehensive templates available via Real Check Stubs. We also feature a wide range of simpler templates and designs that can also be customized to fit a brand’s identity.

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Advanced2 Paycheck Stub Template

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Employee Earnings Statement

Earnings Rate Hours This Period Year To Date Deduction Statutory This Period Year To Date
Regular Federal Income Tax
Overtime Social Security Tax
Holiday Medicare Tax
Vacation State Tax W/H
Bonus California SDI Tax
Deduction Total

Gross Pay

Net Pay

Check Date Check Number
02/25/2024 10015
To the order of:
Direct Deposit