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5 Benefits of Using Real Check Stubs Paystub Generator for Your Business

As a business owner or a freelancer, have you ever encountered mistakes when making your paystubs? Creating each check stub for one or even hundreds of employees manually could be exhausting and troublesome if done wrong.

Problems from handling paper checks range from miswritten information to more serious infractions such as wrong tax data. One slip-up could turn into more severe complications for your business - an unpaid and unhappy employee to a tax audit gone wrong. You would also have to deal with additional costs to correct them and keep track of everything.

For your business, the benefits of employing the advantages of using a paystub generator make efficient payroll administration a priority. Here are five benefits of using Real Check Stubs generator to make paystubs for your business.

Do More and Save More With Less

Time is a valuable and non-renewable resource, especially for a business owner. The difference between being busy creating payrolls stubs manually and being productive using a paystub generator comes down to how fast you could accomplish the same job.

A check stub maker offers you the opportunity to save time and money with pay stub templates and automatic calculations. The adage that “Time is Money” is very true when making your employees’ payroll using the online Real Check Stubs generator.

The time and energy you save by merely using our generator could go into other activities that could bring in more revenue. You could simply update the essential information each pay period, effectively cutting hours from the same task. With the click of a button you and your employees paystubs are generated, emailed and stored for your convenience.

Ideal for Record Keeping

As with all businesses, whether you are the owner of a small enterprise or a big company, keeping a complete and accurate record of all transactions is very important. If you are still writing or typing each paystub, consider shifting to an online paystub generator to create payroll stubs. You would thank yourself later.

Instead of scouring through folder after folder of spreadsheets to find an employee’s paycheck history, use a check stub maker to create easy-to-read and simple-to-archive payroll records. Such an online tool would help you make individual personnel files without worrying about piles of papers eating physical space in your office or tons of data occupying your computer.

You could store pay stubs in cloud-based storage and send them through email to each employee. The Real Check Stubs generator also provides you with an easy and convenient way to keep track of your business and your employees’ YTD total for earnings, taxes, deductions, and net income. It also makes it simpler to compare month-to-month and year-to-year records.

Records generated through a check stub maker would come in handy when tax season comes, and in the event of an audit, you would have no problem accessing them. Your employees would also appreciate your record-keeping when they need to apply for loans and other benefits.

The Real Check Stubs generator would be a valuable part of your documentation process. In the case you must provide your pay stubs as proof of income, having instant access to your paytubs is invaluable. Every detail is documented, and having them accessible anytime and anywhere would mean a great deal to your business.

Eliminate Human Error

Handwritten and manually calculated pay stubs are susceptible to all manner of human error. From a misspelled word to a wrong data entry, some mistakes, if serious enough, could mean trouble for your business when tax time comes around. Such time-wasting issues would certainly cost you valuable resources.

Fortunately, the Real Check Stubs generator would come in handy for you to prevent and avoid errors made by manual calculations. Our Paystub generator uses a software that fills out your employees’ pay stubs on your behalf. You only need to type in their basic information, such as wage, hours worked, and pay period, among other data.

Fast, Simple, and Easy to Use

Manually making payroll takes a long time to complete, especially when dealing with hundreds of employees. You might find yourself immediately starting the next payroll right after you finish the previous pay period.

Fortunately, our paystub generator provides the opportunity for you to speed things up, as all calculations and record-keeping are made for you. It creates an easy-to-follow process to produce a professional paystub.

Instead of printing each paycheck stub on paper and snail mailing them to each employee, you could simply send a digital copy online. Employees receive their paystubs fast, and they could double-check the information entered.

Additionally, if you are self-employed or a freelancer, our check stub maker would save you countless hours. You could set up a pay stub template once r choose from multiple templates with our online system, and you are on your way to creating a more efficient business.

Customizable and Professional

One way for employees, lenders, clients, and banks to recognize your professionalism is by using our paystub generator, which provides various customizable templates. Our check stub maker produces smart and sleek stubs that convey competence and communicate that you are serious.

You could also choose what you want to include on paystubs, apart from the required legal information. This gives you the freedom on the design and layout of your payroll stubs. YTD amounts, hourly rate, hours worked, taxes, deductions, you select what your paystubs show.

It is helpful to have details listed on your check stubs so you could answer every time an employee or client asks questions. One of your greatest tools to conduct a successful business is transparency, and with our online generator, the risk of errors and confusion decreases.


Switching to online paystub generators present you with many advantages that sticking with outdated manual payroll systems would make no sense anymore. Having your own check stub maker to help you handle your employees’ paycheck stubs professionally is essential to managing an effective company.

Business owners, freelancers, and the self-employed would find that the Real Check Stubs generator creates a simple system that eliminates wasted time, effort, and money. It eliminates human error and an ideal tool to keep paystubs on track. So, what are you waiting for? Start making paystubs for you and your employees now using our Real Check Stubs paystub maker.

So how do you make a paystub and what should be on your check stub?

Answer: You can make a paystub in 3 easy steps

  1. Enter all of the basic information for both the employee and employer
  2. Enter the pay rate or salary information you would like displayed on the paystub
  3. Download the paystub by clicking on the “download paystub” button

Answer: These are the 7 things that should be on your paystub

  1. Personal Information
  2. Company Information
  3. Rate of pay
  4. Frequency of pay
  5. Pay date
  6. Pay period
  7. Deduction Calculations

Personal information:
This should include your name, address, employee id, a personal identifier such as the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Personal information:
This should include your name, address, employee id, a personal identifier such as the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Company information:
The amount of detail can vary based on the template. The basics should include the company’s name and address at a minimum.

Rate of Pay
How much you are paid and at what intervals. This could be hourly or salary.

Frequency of pay
How often you are paid

Pay date:
The date you received your paystub

Pay Period:
The date range that is shown on your paystub. This represents the time you’re being paid for.

Deduction Calculations:
These calcylations can vary based on your tax situation.

Why Choose us as your pay stub generator

There are many pay stub generators available online. They all offer a variety of pay stub templates that allow you to create your proof of income. After reviewing many of the pay stub generators you find online they may all seem to look alike.

You may also start to get the feeling that, they just copied each other and borrowed each other's pay stub templates and pay stub generators.

As a business owner, you don't want the cookie-cutter pay stub generator. You want a pay stub generator that was built specifically to help small business owners solve the proof of income issue.

Both our pay stub generator and our paystub templates were created specifically to help busy business owners create real pay stubs. Hence our name Real Check Stubs.

This was accomplished by working side by side with real business owners. Talking years of feedback and making adjustments to our paystub generator that make it the best paystub generator on the market. The goal has always been to provide business owners like you with an easy-to-use pay stub generator to record you and your team's payroll details.

Pick your favorite template, customize it, edit the details and make a check stub.

Because of our approach, our pay stub templates are unique in style and layout. Our pay stub generator is the best paystub generator on the market due to the many customer-driven changes that are made on daily basis.

Our pay stub templates are easy to use and are authentic real pay stub templates. Choose us if you want an easy-to-use, real paystub generator that produces authentic check stubs!

What type of pay stubs are available

Quarter Page

The quarter-page pay stub template is arguably the most popular pay stub template for business owners to use. It takes up less room and presents very professionally. It really comes down to the way the information is laid out on the pay stub.

The quarter-page check stub template does this in a very efficient way. All of the important information that needs to be reviewed on a pay stub can be seen in a glance with this size.

Half Page

The half-page paystub template is a half-page like the name implies. Here the pertinent information is spread out over the template and takes more than one glance to compile. These paystubs are popular when there is more information to place on the pay stub or there is a need for more customization.

Full Page

The full-page paystub template is the OG of the paystub world. They have been around for a long time and are used in every industry and for both employees and independent contractors.

It's been long accepted and for good reason. Companies are built differently and that means there are going to be a lot of different needs and that's where the full-page paystub template really shines.

It gives companies both large and small the space they need to add custom fields, make notes, keep track, and include additional income and deduction fields. If this sounds like what you need then check out the full-page templates in here

All of these pay stub templates will work to document your proof of income.

What is a Paystub

A paystub is a document that small business owners, independent contractors, freelancers and even employees use to record their earnings for a given job. Traditionally paystubs are issued after one has worked for a specific time period, ie a week, two weeks, a month.

The paystub would then tally the entirety of the earning details, such as the amount paid per hour(pay rate), the number of hours worked(hours) and deductions(taxes). This is where things can get a bit tricky in the paystub world.

A simpler way to put it is a paystub serves as a form of proof of work.

It’s similar to receiving a receipt after paying for something. In this case, the business is paying for a service from the employee when a period of work has been completed.

Receipt of Work & Pay

Why use Paystubs

The problem

It's very normal to ask why should you use a paystub maker in the first place. I mean multiplying the hourly rate by the number of hours worked in a time period is extremely simple.

However, determining the amount of money that should be withheld from those earnings can prove to be both tiring and troublesome. Like people, every paystub is unique.

The withholdings on a paystub represent money owed to the government both state and federal as well as voluntary and involuntary deductions like medical and child support. Because of this, two people having the exact same calculations are highly unlikely.

The Solution:

Our paystub generator, the best paystub generator solves this problem by calculating your net pay based on your specific set of circumstances including taxes withheld and payroll tax deductions. You provide the qualifying details in an easy-to-use visual layout and the hard work is done in the background.

The Real Check Auto calculator places the figures in the appropriate fields on the pay stub including the gross pay, net pay, federal taxes and other taxes withheld.

You then have the opportunity to make adjustments in both the income and deduction fields that further fit your circumstances if required when you create a pay stub. This comes in handy when you have a situation where the pay is not based on a steady amount of hours.

The End Result: A Real Paystub

After you've entered the correct information and verified the figures. The paystubs provided to you at the end of the process from our online check stub maker will be both authentic and professional.

Real Paystubs or Fake Paystubs?

Real Pay stub:

At its core, a paystub is a receipt of the work an employee or independent contractor has been paid for. This should make the difference between

A Real Pay Stub is simply an accurate recollection of these details. This is why it is extremely important to be sure of the information you include on your paycheck stub.

Our online pay stub generator will create accurate pay stubs based on the general details. However, it is up to the creator to ensure all details are accurate.

Dates seem to be an area where paystub creators seem to have trouble. You want the paystub to be as accurate as possible. This meant that you need to verify the dates to be as well as the basic information.

You'd be surprised how many times the business name or employee name is misspelled by the paystub creator.

When making real pay stubs, details matter! Accuracy matters.

At its core, a paystub is a receipt of the work an employee or independent contractor has been paid for. This should make the difference between

A Real Pay Stub is simply an accurate recollection of these details. This is why it is extremely important to be sure of the information you include on your paycheck stub.

Our online pay stub generator will create accurate pay stubs based on the general details. However, it is up to the creator to ensure all details are accurate.

Dates seem to be an area where paystub creators seem to have trouble. You want the paystub to be as accurate as possible. This meant that you need to verify the dates to be as well as the basic information.

You'd be surprised how many times the business name or employee name is misspelled by the paystub creator.

When making real pay stubs, details matter! Accuracy matters.

Fake pay stubs:

Now that you know a real paystub is a combination of professional templates and real accurate information. Understanding what fake pay stubs are just got a lot easier. A fake pay stub is a piece of inaccurate information placed on a pay stub template no matter which online check stub maker you use.

Inaccurate information could be the year to the date shown(YTD) or the hours worked or worse the hourly rate. It's never a good idea to make a fake paycheck stub. It's not only an inaccurate recounting of the work you were paid for but submitting it as proof of income can be illegal in many situations.

Online Paystub Generator

Online paystubs generators are rather new to the payroll landscape. Traditionally as a business owner, you would have to contract with large payroll companies that are bureaucratic, archaic, and expensive. As a small business owner, none of these things are appealing.

This is where online pay stub generators come into the picture. Online paystub generators allow the business owner to create a pay stub in less than a minute. This is especially true when using the Real Check Stubs paystub generator.

Your options used to be, manually write a paystub(this is prone to errors) or use the larger payroll companies. Our online paystub generator, the best pay stub generator provides a third option, a better option to create pay stubs.

Create pay stubs online

So what makes an online paystub generator the right solution for business owners? The answer comes down to speed and price. You as a business owner wants to spend the least amount of time possible with payroll and hr related task.

If you’ve ever had to handle payroll and paystub distribution to multiple employees then you are very aware of the huge hassle that comes with this task.

Things like incorrect hours, wrong dates, and missing bonuses, make the task almost unbearable. When you create pay stubs online you eliminate 90% of the hassle.

Correcting Pay Stub Issues

An online paystub generator can make these issues a thing of the past. First, you aren’t caught off guard when dealing with creating a pay stub. This is because instead of seeing and hearing about the inaccuracies of the paystub well after the process has started.

You will now know about them upfront as you create and deliver the paystub to your employee or independent contractors.

Because the speed of delivery is nearly instant, the employee can review the paystub for accuracy before payment is issued. This also means that an issue can be corrected as quickly as it’s identified.

Pay Stub Online Template Choices

Another great fact about online paystub generators is the number of customizations that are available to the user. No longer are you required to use the paystub template that the larger payroll companies provide.

You now have a tool that will allow you to hand select the paystub template that best fits the character of your company. Our online paystub generator now allows you to adapt and be more flexible during your payroll periods.

This is because you can enter figures manually, which is often necessary in a small business. Other customization options are also available on our pay stub generator.

Another great feature is the ability to review the estimated payouts and deductions for payday. Instead of making a call and waiting through long customer service queues.

You can hop online and make the check stub for your employee and get an idea of what the financial payout will be. Reviewing your employee pay stub is now super simple with the best pay stub generator.

Independent contractors and the companies that they work with love our online paystub generator. Specifically, because they are able to distinguish between employees and independent contractors.

The main difference here is that independent contractors are responsible for their own taxes. However, Freelancers and independent contractors still require a paystub to show proof of income and to serve as a receipt of work completed.

This is why our paystub maker removes the tax fields on the contractor's paystub, giving them the best of both worlds.

A pay stub is often the most important document your employee, freelancers and independent contractors will receive. It’s the document they receive to serve as proof of income. An online paystub generator allows the small business owner, entrepreneur and solo-prenuer to generate pay stubs with confidence and speed.

Pay Stub Tips:

While creating pay stubs with our paystub generator is fast, accurate, and convenient. There are a few tips that will help when generating your pay stubs.

Pay Stub Spell Check

You’d be surprised how many pay stubs are created with inaccurate information. One of the more common mistakes is spelling errors. It may seem small but misspelling the company name or employee name for instance is a huge red flag.

Consider for a moment the resources that go into a large company’s payroll and HR department. They pay people to cross their t’s and dot their I's. When you generate pay stubs with misspelled words you instantly scream Inaccurate or worse, fake pay stub!

Important Pay Stub Dates

The next tip is to triple-check your dates. This can get tricky especially if there is a week in the hole or if you don’t religiously record the dates of work and pay.

You don’t want to chance putting the wrong dates on your pay stubs. Review your calendar and other resources to ensure that the pay dates, pay periods, and start dates are correct, especially for the given pay period.

Addresses on Paystubs

Tip number 3 is to get the business address correct. If your company pay stub is used as proof of income. It is very likely that the address provided on the company pay stub will be cross-referenced with other information.

Using the incorrect address is also a huge red flag. Be sure to use reference documents like company letterhead or other official company documents to ensure you list the company address and not the company's mailing address.

Use the correct full company address on the company pay stub. This means including city, state, and full zip code.

Pay Stub Figures

The last tip is to confirm the figures on the pay stubs. Our online pay stub generator provides estimated figures that are only as accurate as the information provided.

It’s very important to review the pay stubs for accuracy before completing the purchase and downloading. In the rare case that you do not agree with the figure our pay stub generators provide. Turn the Real Calculator off and enter your figures manually.

This can seem tedious, however, the goal here is to create the most accurate pay stub possible.