Atlanta Paycheck Calculator

Atlanta Paycheck Calculator

In many districts of the US, employers are bound to pay a specific percentage from their paycheck as federal and FICA taxes are sent to the Internal Resource Service (IRS). The same is the fate of employees in Atlanta, Georgia.



The IRS is responsible for putting forth the federal taxes on the annual income taxes. Meanwhile, the FICA taxes are sent for Medicare and Social Security. 

Therefore, the information you provide in a W-4 form is the primary basis for calculating the federal taxes you are accountable to pay.

This article will discuss the latest revisions in the W-4 form and provide tax information to help residents of Atlanta calculate their paychecks.

Registering a Business in Atlanta

If you want to set up a business in Atlanta, you must follow a proper registration process. It is noteworthy that this license is non-transferable. 

The Business Licensing and Permitting Portal is the body that accepts license applications. However, those registering their business for the first time must apply for an account on the portal first.

Atlanta Tax Overview

In Atlanta, GA, residents are liable to pay various taxes to ensure the smooth running of the government's activities. Here is a brief outline of some of the taxes that apply to the city's citizens:

Payroll Tax

A payroll tax is an amount that is deducted from the paychecks of the employees and employers from what they have earned through their wages, salaries, and tips. Furthermore, the payroll tax amount increases as the overall earning increases.

The payroll tax ranges from 1% to 5.75%, depending on the total earning of the month.

Top Income Tax Rates in Georgia 


Top Income Tax Rate







State Income Tax

State income tax is a tax the state imposes on the amount earned in or from the state. 5.75% of the amount in the paycheck is deducted as the state income tax.

Medicare Tax

The citizens of Atlanta pay 1.45% of their monthly earnings as medicare tax. 

Social Security Tax

The state deducts 6.2% of the total amount of the paychecks from the residents of Atlants as the social security tax. This tax funds the social security program of the US. 

Atlanta Paycheck Calculator

A paycheck is a paper document that an employer issues to their employee for the services they provide for the business in a month. Traditionally, employers send out paychecks towards the end of each month. 

Nonetheless, a paycheck should be distinct from a pay stub. A pay stub is another document that an employer issues to their employee, which indicates the employee's gross earnings, deductions made in the earnings, and net pay.  


Filling out a W-4 Form to explain your tax situation to your employer is also mandatory. In Atlanta, employers offer their employees a 401k plan and a retirement and savings plan. 

Correspondingly, the employees get a tax break on the money they have to contribute. Employers deduct contributions from the employee’s paycheck and make investments wherever they see fit.

Atlanta Child Support Calculator

People in Atlanta, GA, also have to pay for child support. If your net monthly income is between $1,001 to $9,200, then a child’s child support would be 20% of the monthly net pay. If the monthly net pay is less than $1,000, then a child’s child support would be 15% of the monthly net pay.

Labor Laws in Atlanta

Labor law refers to laws that define the rights and protections of both employers and employees in the workplace. For example, the labor law includes the minimum wage law.

This law also recognizes overtime pay and specifically states that employers have to pay employees an extra 50% of their regular daily fee if they exceed the limit of 40 hours of work weekly. 

Atlanta Pay Stub Generator

Every payday employer provides their employees with a pay stub which consists of a detailed breakdown of their salary, tax deductions, and wage commissions.

You can calculate your pay stub by first adding the employer/contractor information, your information, including a W-4 Form, and your payroll template on any online pay stub generator

Atlanta Tax Resources

  • Georgia Department of Revenue.


Contact: 404-417-2100.

  • Office of Revenue.


Contact: 404-330-6004

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a pay stub the same as an earning statement?

The earning statement is the same as a pay stub. An earning statement is an older term used before direct deposits were made in the bank and employers gave their employees a check.

  • Who decides tax brackets?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) decides on a progressive tax bracket depending on income. The range also varies according to the filing status.

  • What is the tax rate for 401k withdrawals after retirement?

Apart from a few exceptions, the taxation on a 401k distribution is the same as other ordinary taxes on income.

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