Business owner 5 years ago

Thanks so much for your service. Also when we made a mistake and needed to correct our check stub that we purchased, your process for correcting it at no charge to us was very easy and you were fast in responding. Fantastic!

Robert Barr
Mrs 5 years ago

Very prompt!! And although I admitted to a mistake I made they made the correction and was very professional and didn’t try and use sense and charge me twice!!!! I will DEFINITELY USE THIER SERVICE AGAIN IF NEEDED!!!!!

Tanya Monk
Great Service 5 years ago

Thank you so much for your services, and for the corrections that you took the time to make, also for your fast communication.

Roy Jimenez
President 5 years ago

Thank you for your excellent customer service. I am very happy I chose your company to create a paystub for me.

They are great 5 years ago

Good timing

Denasia Burton
Superb 5 years ago

I made a mistake and emailed them and they fixed it for free and within 24 hours. Excellent service and great customer services!

mistake on check 5 years ago

Thank you so much for your quick service? Will spread the word of the great customer service!

CEO 5 years ago

Was very grateful with customer service for fixing an error in paystub.

Small Biz owner
MRS. 5 years ago

great quick and easy needed it for sub contracting

Ms 5 years ago

Excellent service and great product!!! Thanks a lot. Will use again

Great Support 5 years ago

I am a 1st time customer and know I will be back. This is a great service with wonderful support, needed to change format and was helped free asap. Thank you.

Me 5 years ago


Stubs 5 years ago


MRS. 5 years ago

Awesome app. Love it and the stubs look legit. Very nice people in customer service also.

Small Biz Owner 5 years ago

So very pleased with the process! We had a slight issue that needed correcting and it was handled timely and with great proficiency! 5-Stars!!!

Ernest Lee
Awesome service 5 years ago

This company is awesome!!! I made a simple mistake and without hesitation the mistake was fixed and the updated information was delivered to me expeditiously! I would recommend them for your needs.

teacher 5 years ago


Amber Roberts
Owner 5 years ago

I needed this company to complete payroll for my small business. I had one error and they corrected it and submitted within a timely review. Very professional. Repeat client not Customer.

Ms 5 years ago

Soooo very pleased! I made a mistake and they corrected it as promised!! Thank you sooo much will be using again!!!

Owner 5 years ago

I made a mistake and it was taking care of in a great time. I am very satisfied!!

Sales manager 5 years ago

!!I made a mistake and it was taken care of in a great timely manner thank you

Mr 5 years ago

Awesome work great customer service I will reccomend and use again very professional

Owner 5 years ago

Thanks!!! Very Professional! Will use over and over again!!!

Cindy richardson
Handsome 5 years ago

Helped me fix what i messed up at no charge, very professional service.

Customer 5 years ago

Incredible and very efficient service

Laborer 5 years ago

Customer Service is top notch! Thanks fixing my issue in a timely & fast manner with no extra charge! Will continue to use!

Owner of JH BIT SERVICES 5 years ago

Excellent Work!!!

hoy white
Excellent Service/ Professional looking Stubs 5 years ago

It's true,I made an error and they corrected it free of charge. I always come back because their stubs are professional looking, A++

The Best 6 years ago

You guys rock your so damn AWESOME!!!!!!!

???????????? 6 years ago

Been using them for 2years. Thank you for your excellent customer service. They didn't hesitate to fix my issue.It was fixed right now away.

GM 6 years ago

Muy bueno very good

Jose Beltre
IT Engineer 6 years ago

What a great customer service, I did a mistake and they corrected it for me without any extra charges. Kudos to you the great team.

Ms 6 years ago

Very impressed

Awesom Awesome 6 years ago

This is an awesome web sight!!!

Donivan Doran
Ms 6 years ago

I made a mistake and they corrected it for free I swear that’s great customer service

Kache Johnson
Manager 6 years ago

We Real Check Stubs all the time, better than any other site we've used in the past. Recently the text on the check didn't print as it was displayed prior to downloading, Real Check fixed the check without an additional charge and provided an updated download in a timely manner.

Ms 6 years ago

Great looking stubs

Review 6 years ago

I made a few errors and used the wrong info and and they allowed me to fix my stubs at no cost. They responded in less than 24hours

Manager 6 years ago

I really enjoyed the process I love the service

The Good Customer
Owner 6 years ago

I have used Real check Stubs in the past and was very pleased with the results. I recently purchased checks and after downloading my order I realized I had made an error. To get my error corrected went easier than I expected, the customer service I received was amazing.

Donna Cairns
Office Manager 6 years ago

I was in a bind and needed a stub printed asap and that's exactly what I got! Super simple to use and helped me in a crunch! Thank you!

PSA 6 years ago

Great services ! Doesn’t take long to do or receive...

Sales 6 years ago

I’ve made numerous errors they were so patient with me they allowed me to make all my correction after so many tries.. it was difficult from my phone but it was completed .I will definitely utilize them again.

Gail Drakeford
Awesome! 6 years ago

I made some mistakes and didn't realize until after my paystubs were printed. I emailed the 24/7 support and was allowed to reprint my corrected paystubs at no cost!!!

vp 6 years ago

quick and easy

Great 6 years ago

I had an overlapping error and they fix it for free. They were also quick.

It works! 6 years ago

Great customer service very fast and efficient with helping make corrections! I am very pleased

M adams
Thank you 6 years ago

I made a mistake on a stub and the company corrected the item and resent me a new stub with paying another fee. Thank you for your fast and speedy customer service and correction. Thank you,

Sheila Spence
Great service 6 years ago

Great service!!! Will definitely utilize again!!

Chase Bandito
Love 6 years ago

They’re so nice helped me fix an error for free! They were extremely fast replying also