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How Do I Get Access to My Walmart Pay Stubs? The tips you need.
October 15, 2023
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October 15, 2023
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With over 2.2 million employees, Walmart has one of the highest employment rates in the United States and takes great pleasure in being recognized as a great workplace.

As a benefit of working at Walmart, employees enjoy quick and uncomplicated access to their paychecks and the essential paystubs accompanying them. On the other hand, you may not be familiar with what Walmart's pay stubs are or how to get them. We have just the thing to get started.

What Does Walmart's Pay Stub Look Like?

Walmart Pay Stubs

The pay stub must contain all pertinent information about an employee's income at any given time, regardless of the context.

These specifics will include the following:

  • The dates that mark the beginning and conclusion of each pay cycle.

  • The amount of the payment before any deductions.

  • The remaining amount of salary after all deductions.

  • Details on the applications of deductions, including information on insurance, Medicare, and social security payments. In addition to details regarding federal, state, and municipal taxes.

  • Any payments made toward retirement or a pension.

How To Get Pay Stubs from Walmart

Thankfully, just like how you would get pay stubs from Kroger, you can also get yours for Walmart via the dedicated WalmartOne home page. Walmart employees can now quickly and easily retrieve their pay stubs whenever needed.

After reaching the homepage of WalmartOne, users can choose the link leading to their pay stubs if they so want. This page lets users see and print their account's most recent pay stub.

Users get access to all the pay stubs they have previously received, making it simple and efficient for them to monitor their pay history.

How to get a print copy of a pay stub from Walmart?

If you are a Walmart employee and need to get your hands on a printed copy of a Walmart pay stub, follow the steps outlined below. 

  1. The first thing you need to do is access WalmartOne. You can do this at the Walmart store by going into the offices and getting a hold of one of the office computers or laptops.

  2. Register for WalmartOne and log in, then continue by selecting "Money > Paystub" from the "Me" menu at Walmart and clicking the "down arrow" button.

  3. On this page, you will see the pay stub you received recently.

  4. Utilize the search criteria on the left-hand side of the page that displays your pay stubs to choose a different pay stub.

  5. Once you have the appropriate stub open, locate the print icon above and to the right of the main body of the stub.

  6. Pick the printer that connects to your computer from the drop-down menu. 

This way, you can print out your pay stub efficiently and effectively. 

How to print out my pay stubs from Walmart from home

How to print out my pay stubs from Walmart from home

Thinking of printing the pay stubs from home? Try out the same process outlined above. So instead of using a Walmart computer, you will have to use your home computer. 

Once on the WalmartOne homepage, log into your account, click money, paystub, and select the paystub you want to print out. Finally, hook up your printer, select print, and you are good to go! 

Why won't my check stub come up on WalmartOne?

Are you wondering if you will get pay stubs after quitting? There are numerous reasons why your pay stub is not showing up on the WalmartOne portal. However, the primary reason for this is due to an error on the hosting end. That is why you can not view the payment stubs. To resolve this, employees usually just reach out to the Walmart helpline to regain access. 

If you deliver for Walmart under the Doordash banner, go to get pay stubs from Doordash for more information.

How To Get My Pay Stubs from Walmart if I No Longer Work There?

Walmart employees who are currently employed may retrieve their pay stubs on the company's website, which stores the documents digitally. If you quit the company for whatever reason, retrieving your previous pay stubs might be complicated. 

If you cannot access the OneWalmart site, you may still try to contact the Walmart store where you previously worked and inquire about obtaining a pay stub from them.

Why Do You Need a Pay Stub from Walmart?

Many people need clarification on why pay stubs are even required. Or people ask, “how to get pay stubs from Starbucks”. Additionally, they ask why they need Walmart pay stubs and other questions. 

The amount that you received and documentation that you received said amount is on your pay stub. So when you use a paystub generator, it acts as a transaction record.

Additionally included are both the beginning and end dates of the pay month. It will be simple to determine the entire amount of one's compensation before and after deductions.


How will I see my recent pay stub in Walmart?

If you are wondering how to get a check stub for Walmart, you may use either the check stub maker website called OneWalmart or the WalmartOne mobile app. If you need help finding your member ID or password, you may ask management about getting them again.

How do you find your Walmart pay stub online?

By logging into Walmart One, you may see the information on your pay stub online from the convenience of your own home. 

Just follow the instructions mentioned on the screen. To access your account, you will need to input your birthday, a Walmart ID, the ID of the location you are at, and a PIN. Before proceeding, all you need to do to register as a new employee is fill out the necessary information for yourself.

After checking in, the site will show the pay stubs in the order of the paycheck dates. However, you will need to click the "View pay stub" button to access them.

But if you are still having trouble attaining your pay stubs, check out how to get pay stubs from ADP.

How to get my pay stubs from Walmart if I'm terminated?

Contacting Walmart's payroll office after leaving the company can allow you to get pay stubs. Then, this department of the company may send you duplicate pay stubs.

How do I print my pay stubs at one Walmart?


Go to the website's homepage, log into your account, click Money, and generate your pay stub.