How to get and print pay stubs from ADP Portal

Learn how to get your ADP paystubs from previous employer
January 27, 2023
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January 27, 2023
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If your company utilizes ADP for payroll processing, you can use convenient online tools to see, download, and save a copy of your most recent pay stubs from various platforms. For instance, you can get pay stubs from Kroger

Your pay stubs are now available to you in a different format. Paycheck stubs, like W-2s, may be accessed on You can now view your pay stubs digitally on a computer or mobile device. You will still get paper copies of your paychecks in the mail.

How to Get Pay Stubs from ADP

  • Obtain a Registration Code

You should have a self-service registration code for ADP iPayStatements. This data is maintained by whoever is in charge of HR or processing payroll for the company. If you weren't given a code or misplaced it when you began working there, you should contact the relevant office to get a new one.

  • Create an Account

Go to the ADP iPay website and sign up for an account after receiving your company's registration code. The portal will prompt you to type personal information in the provided fields. Next, you'll input further information to verify your identification, including your most recent pay date or Social Security Number, after your business code has been accepted. The next step is to sign up by giving information about yourself and choosing a password.

  • Get Your Login Credentials

Following a successful signup, the program will generate and provide a unique username. To access iPayStatements, you must use this ID and your chosen password. The platform will also automatically send you an email. The email will contain your username and other details.

  • Access Your Paycheck Stub After Logging In

By logging in, you can access your iPayStatements account. Your most recent pay stubs will appear, beginning with the most recent pay period. To see, print, or save a particular pay stub, just click on its link.

  • Get the Pay Stubs

Once enrolled, ADP Self-Statement Service lets you see your pay statements (pay stubs) and tax forms online.

The website will open a new window where you may enter your user ID, password, and client ID. After you put that information back in, the website will show you your security questions and the answers, check your profile information and ask you to set a password.

When you click "Continue," a page will appear where you can see your pay statement and pay stubs. Enter some search criteria and hit "Search," and your W-2s and other tax documents will appear.

What if I Have 2 Jobs?

Up to four direct deposit accounts are permitted. The first step is to get paid, followed by adding an account. Click "Update Direct Deposit,"  then "Add an Account" if you have a direct deposit account. Then, after double-checking the 9-digit routing number, click the Next button.

Can I Get Old Pay Stubs From ADP?

Depending on your account system of record, you may access pay stubs dating anywhere from 12 months to 36 months. They're organized neatly into groups from today's date to the past 90 days.

How to Print Pay Stubs From ADP?

  • Go to to enter the ADP Portal. 
  • Enter your ADP Login User ID.
  • Go to the portal homepage. The Employee/Manager tab on your homepage may or may not be visible to you, depending on your level of access.
  • Check your pay stub
  • Print out your stub, and pick your notification preferences.

How to Download My Pay Stubs?

First, contact your employer to obtain a copy of your pay stub. When all is set, visit the online portal. Find your most recent pay stubs.

How Do I Save My ADP Pay Stubs as a PDF?

Select the document, and then click the save button on the Acrobat Reader toolbar to save the document. Select the destination folder for your saved statement by tapping the pointer next to "Save In." To save the statement, give it a name and hit "Save."

What if I Cannot log in to My ADP Portal?

Try these steps if you cannot access MyADP: Double-check the password for correct spelling and spacing. Remember to disable the caps lock key if your password is case-sensitive. Remember that to use the MyADP app, you must first register.


  • How to get pay stubs from a previous employer with ADP? is the portal through which employees whose employers have given them internet access may view pay stubs and W-2 forms. Your employer will require a registration code if this is the first time. The only source for this code is your company.

  • How to get pay stubs from ADP after termination?

You can get pay stubs after leaving a job. To begin using the ADP Portal, please visit the "Register as a User for the ADP Portal" Work Tool. Your W-2 and payroll records will be available on the ADP portal for some time after you stop working there.

  • When do pay stubs show on ADP?

After midnight on your company's payday, you may see your most recent pay statement. If you can't find your most recent statement, don't hesitate to ask an HR or payroll professional for help.

  • Can my employer check my pay stubs in ADP?

For your protection, ADP does not allow anyone to view your payroll record.


Use this information to learn how to quickly and easily get a pay stub from your employer. Keeping track of how to get check stubs is vital to keeping your finances in order.

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