E-pay Stubs: A Comprehensive Guide For Employers

E-pay Stubs: A Comprehensive Guide For Employers
Allen Wood
By Allen Wood
January 17, 2023
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An e-pay stub, also known as an electronic pay stub (EPS) or online pay stub, is a secure digital version of the traditional paper pay stub. It contains all of the same information as a paper version, such as employee name, gross and net pay, deductions, year-to-date totals, and much more.


The key difference is that an e-pay stub can be accessed online or through a mobile app, making it easier for employers to manage payroll and providing employees with instant access to their pay information.


With the digital revolution in full swing, employers are increasingly turning to e-pay stubs as a convenient and cost-effective way to manage their payroll and employee information. E-pay stubs offer many advantages over traditional paper pay stubs, such as eliminating printing costs, streamlining the payroll process, improving accuracy, and providing secure access for employees.


In this guide, we will explore the benefits of e-pay stubs in detail and provide tips on how employers can make sure their employees have access to their pay stubs securely and efficiently.

What information is included on an e-pay stub

E-pay Stubs

An e-pay stub contains all the same information as a traditional paper pay stub, plus additional details that can provide valuable insights into an employee's earnings, deductions, and net pay. Typically, an e-pay stub will include the following:

  1. Employee's name

  2. Social Security Number (SSN)

  3. Date of birth

  4. Address

  5. Other personal information

  6. Employee's Gross pay

  7. Taxes withheld

  8. Deduction

  9. Net Pay

  10. Summary of any benefits or other perks associated with the job

Obtaining payroll and tax data

Your company may quickly prepare for tax filings with a paperless payroll procedure. Your payroll information is in the system and ready for your accountant. Payroll may be processed on your timetable and using the device of your choice.

A digital pay application may file your taxes and payments for you. They can be recovered if you require them. This prevents your company from losing any past payment information.

Paperless paycheck is direct deposited

Your workers get paid via direct deposit with a paperless payroll procedure. They enter their bank account information once into the internet portal, and the information is automatically verified. Once authenticated, the employee's money is sent to their account regularly.

Tips for employers to ensure secure access for employees

It is important for employers to make sure that their employees have secure access to their e-pay stubs. Here are some tips for employers:

  1. Ensure that all employees have unique passwords or other credentials needed to access the paystubs

  2. Limit the time period during which an employee can view and download their paystub

  3. Enable two-factor authentication, if available, to further increase security

  4. Provide training to employees on how to securely access their paystubs

Cost savings associated with using e-pay stubs

E-pay stubs can help employers save money in several ways.

Reduce Printing Cost

They eliminate the need for paper pay stubs, which helps reduce printing and postage costs.

Saving Labor Cost

They streamline the payroll process, which leads to savings in time and labor costs.

Up-to-date Information

They provide accurate and up-to-date employee information, which helps employers remain compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Streamlining the payroll process with e-pay stubs

E-pay stubs allow for a more efficient payroll process by eliminating the need for manual data entry. Employers can also easily distribute the pay stubs to their employees electronically, as opposed to having to mail physical copies. This helps reduce payroll processing time and costs associated with printing and mailing paper pay stubs.

Improving accuracy with digital paystubs

E-pay stubs are more accurate than paper pay stubs since they provide real-time information that is updated with each payroll period. This helps ensure that employees are paid correctly and on time, which can help reduce errors and disputes related to payroll administration.


For employers, e-pay stubs offer the additional benefit of improved data security. Traditional paper pay stubs can easily be misplaced or shared with unauthorized individuals, creating a potential security risk.


However, e-pay stubs are securely stored and password protected for added protection. Furthermore, many e-pay stub systems provide real-time notifications when pay stubs are accessed or if there’s any suspicious activity, so employers can rest easy knowing their information is safe.

How to get started with implementing electronic paystubs in your business

How to get started with implementing electronic paystubs in your business

To get started with implementing electronic paystubs in your business, consider the following:

  1. Research different vendors to find one that meets your needs

  2. If available, use two-factor authentication to ensure secure access for employees

  3. Provide training to staff on how to securely access their pay stubs

  4. Set up a system for distributing pay stubs to employees

  5. Ensure your payroll documents are securely stored

  6. Make sure you comply with any applicable laws and regulations regarding employee privacy.


By taking the steps outlined above, employers can reap the many benefits of using electronic pay stubs while ensuring their employees have secure access to their earnings information.


Can I check Paystubs online?

Using an employee portal or pay stub site has become commonplace in many businesses. When workers enter their company's employee portal, they can check their schedules, make vacation requests, and even see their pay stubs.

How do I log into my paperless employee?

To access your online pay stub, go to www.my-estub.com and then choose Employee Portal in the menu bar. Doing so will prompt you to enter your username and password into a login box.

What is a paperless pay stub?

Businesses that use paperless pay, also known as "direct deposit," complete all forms of payment electronically rather than on paper. Employees may easily access payment information online and get paychecks through direct deposit.

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