Ohio Paycheck Calculator

Ohio Paycheck Calculator

To guide new taxpayers, we will cover the Ohio paycheck calculator, tax rates, and rules in this article.


Ohio is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States. It has a population of approximately 11.7 million people. To guide new taxpayers, we will cover the Ohio paycheck calculator, tax rates, and rules in this article.

Registering a Business in Ohio

Choosing the right business entity is the first step in establishing a business in Ohio. There are several options available, including an LLC (Limited Liability Company), partnership, corporation, LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), or sole proprietorship.

The remaining steps are as follows: 

  1. Contact the Ohio Secretary of State to register
  2. Create a bank account to get an EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  3. Visit the Ohio Department of Taxation to register
  4. Every new or rehired employee must be reported to the Ohio New Hire Reporting Center
  5. Permits and licenses can be obtained from Ohio Business Gateway

You must pay a $99 fee to complete the online business registration form.

Ohio Tax Overview

If your income is from Ohio, you must pay taxes on it. Ohio state income tax rates (payroll taxes) are 2.765% to 3.9% in 2023 and are mandatory for both residents and non-residents.  

Additionally, some departments impose a local tax of 3.88%, while federal taxes are 22.00%. The combined state and local sales taxes in Ohio are 5.75% and 2.25%, respectively. On average altogether, the Ohio sales tax rate is 7.22%. 

A W-2 form guide, which contains details about each employee's pay, is required to file taxes. A W-3 form is also required, which includes information about total and taxable wages as well as deducted taxes.

Furthermore, if you receive payments from any source other than your employee, you must fill out Form 1099 with details of these sources.

Taxable Base Wage

Ohio's taxable base wage in 2023 is $9000.


Taxable Base Wage







SUTA Rates

Ohio’s State Unemployment Tax rates are 0.3% - 9.8% in 2023.


SUI Rates Ohio


0.8% - 7.5%


0.8% - 9.8%


0.3% - 9.4%

FUTA Rates

The Federal Unemployment Tax Act tax rate is 6% on the first $7,000 you pay to each employee in Ohio, which is covered by a state's UI program.


FUTA Rates







FICA Rates

Ohio’s FICA and State Insurance Tax rate is 7.80%, whereas the Medicare and Social Security taxes rates are 1.45% and 6.20%, respectively.

Alcoholic Beverage Tax

This tax ranges from $0.14 per ounce up to 12 ounces, $1.50 per gallon, and $5.58 for every 31 gallons of beer sold.

Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes

Ohio charges $1.60 per pack of 20 cigarettes.

Ohio Payroll Taxes Withholding

The payroll tax for both employer and employee is set at 6.2% in Ohio.

Ohio Paycheck Calculator

While your paycheck is your income from which your state deducts your taxes, a paystub provides details of your earnings before and after tax, along with information about deductible taxes. 

Use the free Cleveland paycheck calculator to determine net income. 

Before deducting federal, state, and local taxes, you must determine your gross monthly income. 

Then include information such as your 401(k) plan, FSA, HSA, LDT (long-term disability insurance), medical insurance, or any other health-related insurance. Finally, if you have any post-tax deductions, add them together to get your take-home pay.

Ohio Hourly Paycheck Calculator

For an hourly paycheck, all details remain intact, except for calculating your total income by multiplying your hourly wage rate by the total number of hours you worked.

Let’s say your wage per hour is $15, and you work for 168 hours a month. Your total monthly income (gross wage) would be $15 x 168, or $2520. 

According to 2023 Ohio tax rates;


  • The federal income tax will be 11.32% = ($285)
  • The state income tax will be 0.42% = ($11)
  • The local income tax will be 0.98% = ($25)


  • The social security will be 6.2% =($156)
  • The medicare will be 1.45% = ($37)  

No other taxes are applied to the paychecks. So, the remaining take-home money will be approximately $2007.

Bear in mind that this paycheck calculation is done based on Licking County tax rates. These figures will be different in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Colombus, and other cities.

ohio hourly salary paycheck calculator


Ohio Child Support Calculator

When a child's parent doesn't live with them, they are given financial support in the form of child support.

According to Ohio's child support guidelines, the amount that each parent is required to pay is determined by the number of overnights that the child spends with the parent each year.

For example, if one parent has spent 183 overnights with a child, they need to pay 50% of the child support. So, if both parents have a monthly income of $22,000, each of them has to pay $1210 per month for child support.

Labor Laws in Ohio

In 2023, Ohio's minimum wage will be $10.10, and overtime pay will be 1.5 times the employee's regular salary.

Although there is no limit to the number of hours that can be worked, a typical workweek is 40 hours long. Each year, an employee is permitted to take up to 32 hours of personal leave, including paid sick leave. Furthermore, child labor is strictly banned in Ohio. 

Ohio Paystub Generator

An online paystub generator calculates your payroll after the deduction of federal, state, and other taxes and enters the results in a paystub template. Tools like Real Check Stubs can do this job in less than a minute and save you from fake pay stubs.

Ohio Tax Resources

  • Ohio Department of Taxation

ODT is responsible for the collection and administration of state and local taxes in Ohio.

Website: https://tax.ohio.gov/

Phone: (800) 282-1780

Address: 30 E Broad St #22, Columbus, OH 43215, United States

  • The Ohio Society of CPAs

Website: https://ohiocpa.com/

Phone: +1 614-764-2727

Address: 4249 Easton Way #150, Columbus, OH 43219, United States


  • Can you calculate your Ohio paycheck?

Yes, with the Columbus paycheck calculator, you can easily calculate your take-home salary.

  • Is the Ohio paycheck calculator free?

Many online Ohio paycheck calculators are free to use and provide the results instantly, as long as you enter the correct information. So don’t be shy about using the Cincinnati paycheck calculator if you currently live there.

  • Who needs to pay taxes in Ohio?

Anyone getting income from a source in Ohio is liable to pay taxes in Ohio.

Final Words

The Ohio paycheck calculator makes it much simpler to determine your paycheck after all adjustments. This article goes over all the specifics of how to use it, Ohio taxes, and other laws about businesses and employment.

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