Online 940 Form Generator

Online 940 Form Generator

If your employer offers Federal Unemployment Tax Return by the Employers (FUTA), you should consider paying into this as it can help you and your employer in the future. FUTA pays half of the cost that comes with unemployment benefits.


When FUTA is being used in a company, form 940 needs to be used and filed. There are many 940 form generators online where you can take a template and fill in the information needed. The templates and algorithms will do all the calculations for you making it very easy to use form 940. 

The 940 forms will be able to report the employee’s compensation in the event they have lost their jobs. It’s also used in conjunction with state and federal unemployment taxes. 

Unemployment tax forms might seem complicated, but there are many online generators that can be used to make the forms. 

940 Form: An Overview 

Not sure what a 940 form is or how to use it? Here is some more information to help guide you. 

What Is A 940 Form? 

Unemployment taxes are usually paid by the state government, but there are cases where the federal government steps in and pays for things as well. When the Federal Unemployment Tax Act was put into place, IRS form 940 was created. 

This reports the employer’s annual taxes and provides information to the federal government about where they need to step in and where they can provide money. A 940 form needs to be filed once a year and can be filed on paper or electronically. 

Benefits Of A 940 Form 

There are many benefits to filing a 940 form. The main one is that it gives information about your employee’s wages for the previous year. It allows your employees to be eligible for receiving unemployment money from the federal government when unemployment rates are high. 

Filing a 940 form is required and it needs to have all the correct information. It also needs to be submitted by the due date. To make things easier, you can get a template online and then file the form electronically. 

What is the FUTA Taxes 

FUTA taxes are 6% of the first $7000 that was paid in employees' wages during the year. The $7000 is the FUTA wage base. The taxes your company pays for FUTA will be able to help your employees later on as the federal government uses these funds to pay for unemployment wages. 

Steps To Fill a 940 Form

If you have never filled out a 940 form, you might be confused about the details. Here is some more information about each of the steps so you can be sure you filled out your form correctly. 

Complete employer information 

Here you will enter your Employer Identification Number. You might also need to enter a DBA if you are doing business as a DBA. 

Keep in mind you have to use a business number or employer identification number here. Your personal Social Security Number should not be entered on this line. You can also use a TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number). 

Enter state unemployment details 

Part one of the form is all about the state unemployment information that you need to submit. In line 1a you will enter the state abbreviation if you are paying state unemployment in only one state. 

Line 1b is if you paid state unemployment in more than one state which is when you need to mention that you are a multi-state employer. 

Line 2 will only be checked if you paid employee wages in states where there is a FUTA tax credit reduction. 

More information about the states is listed on the forms to help you determine if you need to check them or not. 

Determine pre-adjustment FUTA tax amounts 

This is where part 2 of the form starts. There are 8 lines you need to go over and fill out where noted. Here are some guidelines to help you out:

  • Line 3 is for the total payments you made to all your employees. This should include wages that are not subject to FUTA tax. They should include everything from pensions to retirement to fringe benefits. 
  • Line 4 is the total of the payments that are exempt from FUTA. Check the boxes that apply to you and then write in the total of each of the payments next to the checked box. 
  • Line 5 is the total amount of payments you made to employees that were over $7000. You will also need to list the total amount over the wage base once you have subtracted the wages that are exempt from line 4. 
  • Line 6 is where you will add the amounts from lines 4 and 5 and then enter the total amount. 
  • One Line 7 you will subtract line 6 from line 3 and enter the total. This will be the total taxable FUTA wages. 
  • You can then multiply the amount listed on line 6 by .006 to see the amount of FUTA tax you will pay before adjustments. You can enter this number on line 8. 

Calculate & Determine FUTA tax adjustments 

For this part of the form, you might not have to fill in every line. Only write in the ones that apply to you. 

  • In line 9 you will only fill it in if all your taxable FUTA wages were excluded from the state unemployment tax. 
  • Line 10 will be filled in if only some of the taxable FUTA wages are excluded from the state unemployment tax or if you paid unemployment taxes late. 
  • Line 11 is only for those to whom the FUTA credit reduction applies. 

Report quarterly FUTA tax liabilities 

You only need to do this part of the form if the amount you entered in Line 12 on part 4 is more than $500. Otherwise, you can ignore this part of the form completely. 

One line 16, you will write the amount of the FUTA tax liability for each quarter. On line 17, you will add lines 16a through 16d. This shows your total tax liability amount. 

Choose a spokesperson for IRS 

Here you will choose a person to speak to the IRS about this form in the event that someone contacts you needing more information. You will enter the person’s name and phone number. You also need to make a 5-digit PIN that the person will say to confirm their identity when speaking on the phone. 

Sign the form 

The last part is signing and dating the form. Make sure you also leave your phone number in case someone needs to contact you. 

Our 940 Form Generator 

 If you need help with a 940 form, we have a generator that can help you. We know that filling in form 940, especially for the first time can be complicated since there are so many lines and information that is needed. 

To use our generator, all you need to do is register an account and then click the tab for IRS Form 940. It will ask you about the information needed and do the calculations for you to make your life easier.

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