Online W-2 Form Generator

Online W-2 Form Generator

W-2 forms are some of the most important forms you’ll ever get when it comes to work and employment. You’ll be able to see many different things like income, taxes withheld from your earnings, and benefits from the year.


As tax season comes around every year, you’ll use your W-2 to determine how much taxes you owe as you’ll need to enter the information displayed from it. 

An online W-2 form generator can be very beneficial for a company and individual employees. For starters, putting all this information online is easy and makes it accessible. You and your employees can share the information and you can see the income information from the workers in your company.  

Generating the forms online also ensures that they do not get lost. Paper forms are harder to keep track of and employees may lose them from time to time. Having them online also allows the employees to be able to access them all the time and refer back to them when needed.

W-2 Form: An Overview

Here is all the information you need to know about W-2 forms and how to use them when it comes to filing taxes.

What is a W-2 Form?

A W-2 form is given to all employees of a company to show their income, the taxes withheld from their paychecks, and their benefits from the year. The IRS uses these forms to determine your wages and then applicable taxes depending on your income. 

It also shows health insurance, dependent care assistance, and other contributions you might give or receive. You will receive a W-2 form every time you work.

Benefits of a W-2 Form

All employees need a W-2 form because they will need to enter the information it has when they are filing their taxes. If you do not receive this form, you will not be able to file your taxes because you will not have all the necessary information. 

Your benefits are also listed on the form so you know how much you are contributing and receiving from health insurance plans and other state programs when applicable.

How to create a W-2 form?

There are several things you need to know before creating a W-2 form. You need to make sure they are done accurately so your employees do not have any issues when it comes to taxes.

Choose Your Filing Format

Choose whether you want to file online or if you want to mail in the form. The forms will look a little different depending on which one you choose but they have the same information.

Gather Employee Wage Information

Next, you need to get all the information about your employees’ wages including tips and all forms of compensation. You need to total all the money they earn and enter it into the right line.

Enter Data Into Each Form

The form will have certain areas and lines where you have to enter tax information or whatever is asked for. Make sure you enter the right data and do not leave lines blank unless they do not apply to you.

Review & Utilize

Before submitting it, make sure to review it and ensure everything is correct. Then you can submit it online or you can print it to file it through the mail.

Documents required to generate a W-2 Form

There are many documents you need to make sure you can generate an accurate W-2 form including:

  • The name of your business, the address, and your state Tax ID number 
  • The names of your employees, their addresses, and their social security numbers 
  • The employee’s total wages, social security, contributions mad benefits 

Tips To Read the W-2 Form

Make sure you read each line before filling in the information. Under the income section, list total wages including all compensation like tips, Medicare, and Social Security tips. 

Under withholdings, you can put the amount of taxes your employee has paid whether it be federal income, Medicare tax, or taxes from Social Security. 

There are several other boxes to look at but they do not all need to be filled in. Some employees will need to have extra boxes filled in depending on their unique situation. We provide tips on our W-2 form generator to help you know which ones to fill in.

Our W-2 Form Generator

Creating and downloading W-2 forms is important and easy to do with our generator. Keep in mind you cannot use fake information when making W-2 forms as the IRS compares data and will know if the information reported is not correct. 

We will walk you through all the steps so you fill in every line correctly and report all ages accurately. 

W-2 forms are free to employees. So, you can use your membership with our website to distribute them to employees for free either by mail or electronically.

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