Virginia Paycheck Calculator

Virginia Paycheck Calculator

Virginia generates a handsome revenue from taxes. If you are an employee in Virginia, you will also pay multiple taxes. Some will be deducted from your paychecks. So, it is necessary to understand the tax deductions.


Virginia, a state with a diverse economy, is the 12th most populous state in the USA. It includes a mix of industries. You can find everything from agriculture to technology at its peak in Virginia. 

With such a large population, Virginia generates a handsome revenue from taxes. If you are an employee in Virginia, you will also pay multiple taxes. Some will be deducted from your paychecks. So, it is necessary to understand the tax deductions. 

Our Virginia paycheck calculator is here to help. We will estimate your final paycheck after tax deductions.

Registering a Business in Virginia

Registering a business in Virginia is simple. However, you must follow some steps. Here's an overview of the process. 

According to the government of Virginia, you must select a business type initially. After this, you must choose a business structure. 

Next, file the appropriate paperwork with the Virginia SCC. Obtain business licenses and permits. You are all set! Now, register your business for taxes. We recommend opening a new bank account for your business as well. When in doubt, consult with a lawyer or accountant.

Virginia Tax Overview

Virginia has a business-friendly tax environment. It includes moderate tax rates. Here is an overview of Virginia's tax situation.


Unemployment Base Wage








In Virginia, the FUTA rate is 6%. This rate is against a taxable wage base of $7,000

Payroll Tax in Virginia

A tax imposed on employers, employees, or both, is called a payroll tax. The tax depends on the wages of the employees. In 2023, the maximum payroll tax rate is 5.75%. The top tax bracket is $17,000. Therefore, most of the population pays 5.75%. 

Sales Tax Rate in Virginia

The tax applied on the sale of goods and services is called sales tax. Consumers pay for a product or service. 

In 2023, the Virginia government reduced sales tax by 1%. However, this law is implemented on certain products only. 

Virginia Paycheck Calculator

There are two documents an employee receives on their payday. These are a paycheck and a pay stub. The paycheck displays the employee's total salary without any deductions. However, a paystub provides a detailed breakdown of tax deductions. 

The average hourly wage in Virginia is $10.00. The average working hours are 87. Hence, an employee will receive a gross paycheck of $870. You can use paycheck calculators throughout Virginia like Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Richmond.

Virginia Child Support Calculator

Child support is the amount a non-custodial parent pays for a child's basic needs. According to the Code of Virginia, code 20-61, paying child support is obligatory for a parent. 

You can calculate Virginia child support with the following method. 

The parent's total shared support obligation is a product of basic needs by 1.4. Child support also depends on the child's needs and expenses. 

Labor Laws in Virginia

Virginia follows the "Employment-at-will" rule. It means that you can fire an employee without any contract or notice. Some common labor laws in Virginia are: 

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage rate in Virginia in 2023 is $12 per hour. However, there is a law to raise the minimum wage. According to this law, the minimum wage will increase to $15/hour in 2026. 

Overtime Pay

In Virginia, an employee gets 1.5 times their usual salary for overtime. The minimum overtime pay is $18 per hour. However, which is 1.5 times the minimum wage rate i.e. $12 per hour. 

Paid Sick Leaves

The paid sick leave concept is different from other states. In Virginia, every employee can get one hour of paid leave for every 30 working hours. In other words, an employee can get 40 hours of paid leave per year. 

Virginia Paystub Generator

Now we will subtract all the taxes from the gross paycheck amount i.e. $870. The fundamental tax charged on a paycheck is federal, state, and local income tax. In 2023, these tax rates are 11.02%, 2..23%, and 0.00%, respectively. After subtracting these taxes, your "take-home" money will be $688.00. 

Virginia Tax Resources

Some official taxation departments of Virginia are as follows:

  • Virginia Department of Taxation: Virginia Department of Taxation is a nationwide tax administration agency. The official website URL is The contact information is (804) 367-8031. 
  • Richmond Tax Office: The tax department provides swift services to taxpayers. Its official website URL is The contact information is +1 855-494-5639.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Virginia impose a state tax on a paycheck?

Yes, the state imposed certain taxes on paychecks. The basic income taxes are federal, state, and local income taxes. In 2023, these tax rates are 11.02%, 2..23%, and 0.00%, respectively.

Q: Does Virginia require a pay stub?

According to Virginia laws, all employers must provide pay stubs to their employees. The Employees can understand the tax rates and tax deductions from their salaries through it. You can calculate your pay stub with our Virginia pay stub generator.

Q: What is the purpose of using the Virginia paycheck calculator?

Virginia paycheck calculator will help you calculate your estimated take-home salary. It will subtract taxes from the paycheck amount. Hence, an employee can estimate their remaining amount. 


In this article, we have thoroughly explained the basic taxes in Virginia. You can learn about basic taxes and calculate your monthly paycheck. Our Virginia paycheck calculator will help you with accurate values. 

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