What Are the Benefits of Using an Online Pay Stub Generator?

What Are the Benefits of Using an Online Pay Stub Generator?
February 24, 2023
5 min read
February 24, 2023
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What's your workforce like? And how tedious is it to generate paper checks for your employees? Typically, if you have a considerable workforce, the answer to this question is "not easy." There's a lot to deal with, from paper trails to keeping a tight record, overhead costs, and generating a manual pay stub. It can take a toll.

An online pay stub generator is an easy way to generate a pay stub. There are many benefits of the online payroll system, such as the fact that it reduces organizations' workload and helps them satisfy their employees and themselves in record time.

If you find yourself in a situation where an entity requests proof of your income, a pay stub is a document you can submit as proof of your income. This article will discuss the ultimate guide to check stubs and the advantages of using online pay stub generators. So let's get right into it. 

What is a Pay Stub Generator?

Pay stubs are documents employers usually attach to paychecks that detail deductions from an employee's wages, including benefits, bonuses, and taxes. It can come in the form of paper or electronic, with the latter being the current favored format by employers.

Electronic pay stubs are easier to generate, all thanks to pay stub generators. There are many platforms to choose from, offering paid and free versions of pay stub generation. 

However, you can only do so much with the free version. Whereas with the paid version, you can customize multiple pay stubs however you want. Moreover, with its user-friendly interface, it is effortless to use the program. Furthermore, it will save you from having to type everything manually.

As it's web-based, there are no additional downloads or app installations needed. Can you create your own pay stubs? Simply log into the platform of your choice to access the pay stub generator. Another advantage is that it can be used to generate pay stubs for self-employed individuals.

If you're purchasing an apartment, you must still present evidence of your income, even if you don't have a boss. It is a practical method for landlords to check on potential tenants and determine who can and cannot afford the rent.

However, not everyone is familiar with how to create pay stubs, which makes it much more difficult if you choose the manual type. As a result, platforms that generate pay stubs have templates that users can customize to their liking. 

Since the templates are self-explanatory, the likelihood of errors is less. All you have to do is make sure you have your documents ready and fill them into the template. 

Advantages of Using an Online Pay Stub Generator

The top benefit of online pay stub software is the ease it grants its users. Some employers do not give their employees pay stubs, so they are left to create their own pay stubs. Since pay stubs are not mandatory for employers to offer, it's a moral obligation they can choose to ignore.

Why use an online paystub generator? Here are some reasons: 

  • Automatic calculation 
  • User-friendly website interface and easy to use
  • Time-saving 
  • Eliminate chances of errors 
  • The documents can be customized to one's desire
  • Creates a professional-looking document 
  • Great for self-employed freelancers
  • It's a more efficient payroll platform
  • Superior record keeping
  • Companies and self-employed individuals can enjoy huge savings when generating multiple pay stubs
  • It's a paperless solution thereby reducing waste

Who Should Use an Online Pay Stub Generator?

Pay stub generators are not limited to just entities. Anyone can use it. It does not discriminate and would produce the needed information with no hassle. Employers can save money with online pay stubs if they have a large workforce. 

Furthermore, they can subscribe to the brand's paid features and make as many pay stubs as they want. It is preferable to printing paper pay stubs and including them with paychecks. Employers also use a pay stub generator to keep track of their employees' pay.

Employees, on the other hand, can use pay stubs in various ways. Firstly, it gives them information on the status of their taxes, Medicare, and health premiums. This is because they're part of the deductions employers conduct before issuing wages. 

Secondly, employees can also use pay stubs to show proof of income when seeking an apartment or a loan. Most times, landlords or lenders may require more than a month's worth of pay stubs. So with the pay stub generator, they can make recent pay stubs that date two months back. 

Freelancers or self-employed individuals that run remote businesses can use pay stub generators to generate pay stubs. Having a digital paystub during tax season will simplify the process for freelance workers. 

You can send the pay stub to your employee's email hassle-free. Most platforms allow the exporting of pay stubs via PDF. Here are some payroll tips for small businesses. 

Altogether, remember to weigh your budget, number of employees, and ability to make an error-free payroll before deciding between a manual, outsourced, or software pay stub generator. Generating a pay stub manually is time-consuming and there is room for mistakes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Create pay stubs online

Why Is It Important to Have a Pay Stub?

Pay stubs help you know why you earned the exact amount on your current paycheck. Furthermore, the pay stub will show if you earned bonuses or paid other state taxes. Besides this, it's an important document to have around to show proof of income. 

What Is the Best Pay Stub Generator?

The best pay stub generator allows for free and paid versions with a user-friendly website interface. Real Check Stubs are a credible platform to generate pay stubs. It's easy to use, and you can personalize the pay stubs using customized settings that suit you. 

Is There a Free Paystub Generator?

Yes, various pay stub generator platforms offer free services. However, you might not enjoy the full extent of the platform's capabilities. But it will still get the work done and produce a professional pay stub. 

Do Pay Stub Generators Actually Work?

Yes, pay stub generators do work. However, their accuracy depends on you feeding it the correct information. You must enter your gross pay without deductions, without rounding off or estimating values. Once you input those details where they're needed, the generator will do an automatic calculation and provide the correct answer.  

What Are Self-Employment Pay Stubs?

Self-employment pay stubs are pay stubs generated by freelancers or individuals working remotely. The information on their pay stub might differ from the information regular workers provide, like employee numbers, etc. 

You can create a professional proof of income template with Real Check Stubs' paystub generator, which simplifies invoicing, eliminates human error, keeps records, and keeps track of administrative tasks.

Create Professional Looking Pay Stubs Now

There's nothing far-fetched about creating pay stubs. Visit Real Check Stubs' pay stub generator and use their state-of-the-art generator to generate pay stubs. It's easy and efficient, with absolutely no room for errors. 

Furthermore, the brand offers a modern pay stub template that only requires a little information. You can use four formats to generate pay stubs on the platform, select the template, provide your information, preview the stub, and download. 

Some information you will provide is your company's name, address, income, rate, hours, current pay, reporting period, deductions, and employee ID for people that work with organizations.