Whether you're an employee or an employer, you'll need a pay stub. Employers must provide pay stubs, but what if you're self-employed? It can be hard to keep track of your hours worked, and wages earned when you're self-employed. A pay stub not only helps you stay organized, but it is proof of your earnings.

Use our online pay stub generator to create a professional-looking pay stub for yourself, easily and quickly. Our pay stubs are 100% accurate and conform to all government regulations.

Using Real Check Stubs™ Paystub Generator can help you create a pay stub for yourself in just a few minutes. Read on to find out how!

Pay Stub

Creating Pay Stub

A pay stub, a wage statement, or a payslip, is a document that itemizes an employee's income and deductions for a given pay period. While an employer is legally required to provide their employees with a pay stub, this isn't the case if you're self-employed.

If you're an employee, your pay stub will show your gross wages (the amount of money you earned before taxes or other deductions), deductions, and your net wages (the amount of money you take home).

Self-employed individuals don't have an employer to generate a pay stub for them, so they must create one themselves. Our online pay stub generator is the easiest way to make a pay stub for yourself.

What Is A Pay Stub Template?

A paystub template is a pre-formatted document that you can use to create a professional pay stub. Creating a pay stub is easy with our online pay stub generator. Simply select the template you want to use and enter your information. Once you're done, you can download or print your paycheck stub.

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How To Select A Check Stub Template?

How To Select A Check Stub Template

Finding the right check stub template for your business can be confusing. There are many different templates on the market, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. This guide will help you select the best check stub template for your business!

When you're ready to choose a standard check stub template, keep the following in mind:

Business Type:

Different check stub templates are designed for different types of businesses. Make sure you choose one that's designed for your type of business.

Business Size

Small businesses have different needs than large businesses. Choose a check stub template that is appropriate for your business's size.


Check stub template prices can vary considerably. Choose one that fits within your budget.


Think about what information you want on the stubs. Should it be kept simple and minimal or contain more detailed information? What will be most helpful at tax time?

Real Check Stubs™ offers numerous pay stub templates. Choose the one that's right for your business needs. The correct check stub template can make a big difference in your business.

Types Of Paycheck Stub Templates

After you've considered the business type, size, budget, and needs, you're ready to select a check stub template. Here are a few of our favorites:

Basic Check Stub Template

The basic template is perfect for small businesses or businesses with simple payroll needs. It includes fields for employee information, wages, and deductions.

Advanced Check Stub Template

Businesses with more complex payroll needs might need the advanced template. It includes employee information, wages, deductions, and other payment details.

Customizable Check Stub Template

This paystub template is a good option for a business that needs a little bit of everything. What's more, it's fully customizable, so you can add or remove fields, as needed.

With Real Check Stubs™, you can choose from 16 different types of pay stub templates. We are confident that we have a template that meets your business needs.

Types Of Pay Stub Template Paper

Several types of pay stub template paper are available for businesses. The best paper type depends on the business's needs and budget.

  1. Standard A4 Paper

The standard white paper is the most common paper used for pay stubs. It is inexpensive and easy to find. However, it can be challenging to read, depending on how much information is printed.

  1. Payroll Software Compatible Paper

The advantage of using a payroll software program is that businesses can customize pay stubs to meet their specific needs.

Some pay stub paper is specifically designed to be used with payroll software. This paper is usually perforated so that it can be easily torn out of a checkbook.

  1. Business Check Paper

Yet another type of paper is business check paper. This is usually white with blue or green highlights. Most financial institutions will require that businesses use this type of paper for printing pay stubs.

Business check paper is specifically designed for businesses and it cannot be used for writing personal checks. Higher-level security specifications are used with this type of paper.

  1. Paperless Payroll

The newest type of pay stub template "paper" is the paperless payroll system. This system allows businesses to send pay stubs electronically. The advantage of using this system is that companies do not have to worry about organizing or storing physical paper pay stubs.

Benefits Of Using A Pay Stub Template

Benefits Of Using A Pay Stub Template

There are many benefits to using a pay stub template.

Time Saver

They say that time is money, and this is especially true when it comes to business. Using a template to create pay stubs can save you a considerable amount of time, especially if you have many employees.


A significant advantage of using a template is that it can help you avoid errors. Creating your own pay stubs gives you a much greater chance of making mistakes- leading to potentially serious and time-consuming problems down the road.


A pay stub template is affordable. If you were to hire someone to create pay stubs for you, it would be very costly. However, if you use a template, you can get the same (or better!) results for a fraction of the cost.


Convenience is another benefit of using a pay stub template. Once you have the template, you can generate your stub anytime, anywhere. It is especially convenient for businesses that have employees in different locations.

Quick And Easy

Creating pay stubs with a template is quick and easy. You don't need any special skills or knowledge to use a template. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Real-Time Updates

One of the best things about using a pay stub template is that you can get real-time updates. This comes in handy when there are required changes in payroll calculations, as you will be able to revise your template at any time.

Designing A Professional Paycheck Stub

Designing A Professional Paycheck Stub

Real Check Stubs™ offers users the ability to design their own professional-looking paycheck stubs. The website is user-friendly and provides various features to customize your pay stub. You can include your company logo, contact details, and other necessary information. The stubs are then emailed to you as a PDF file which you can print or save for your records.

How to make a paycheck stub

A professional paystub must include the following:

Company Information

Company information will be on your pay stub. This includes the company name, address, logo, and email address. It is also smart to list the company's telephone number in case your employee needs to contact someone regarding their paycheck.

Employee Information

Employee name and Id number are essential to include on a paycheck stub. Other common items are the employee's address, start date, and job title. If you are a small business, you might not use employee ID numbers. Instead, you can use the last four digits of the employee's Social Security Number or a different identifying number of choice.

Pay Period And Gross Pay

The pay period for the earnings should be marked on the pay stub. The pay period is typically weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Gross pay (the total amount earned before any deductions are taken), net pay (the total after deductions), and any vacation or sick pay the employee has earned should be on the pay stub. You'll also need to list the date the check was issued.

Learn about: Gross Pay & Net Pay


There are many deductions that can be taken out of an employee's paycheck. The most common are federal and state taxes, Social Security, and Medicare. These deductions are based on the employee's gross pay and on the number of allowances they claimed on their W-4 form.

These are just a few of the required pieces of information that should be included on a professional pay stub.

Contact our customer support team for more information on designing a professional pay stub. You can also ask for example forms or templates to help you get started.

How to read a paystub


Can You Create a Pay Stub for Yourself

If I lost my pay stub, can Real Check Stubs™ resend it to me?

We can always resend you a new copy of your pay stub if you lose the original. Contact our customer service team to request a new document.

How do I create a pay stub for myself?

While your employer is responsible for creating your official pay stub, you can easily create a pay stub for yourself using our online pay stub generator. Just enter your information and hit "Generate." You'll have a professional-looking pay stub in no time!

How can I pay for my pay stub?

You can use any major credit card to pay for your paystubs. Your payment information is secure and processed through the industry-leading payment processor.

What is the best paystub generator?

There are a lot of pay stub makers out there, but Real Check Stubs™ is the best. Our online pay stub generator is easy to use and produces high-quality results. Our customer service team is always here to help if you have any questions.


Now that you know it is possible to create a pay stub for yourself, you can do so quickly and confidently. Our user-friendly platform allows you to create a professional and accurate pay stub in minutes.

With our service, you can rest assured that your payroll details are in good hands. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always ready to help and support our customers in any way possible. Thank you for choosing Real Check Stubs™!