If you plan to rent out an apartment, there are a few ways for your future landlord to determine if you can pay rent on time. Checking your job status, credit history, and monthly and yearly income, they would be able to see if you are a viable candidate to fill their property. Many income verification documents could be used to assess renters.


Here are seven ways to show your future landlord proof of income.

7 Types of Income Verification Documents

1. Check Stubs

When looking for a home, renters are often required to show evidence that they could pay their monthly dues. One of the best ways to provide proof of income when seeking to rent an apartment is by presenting a check stub. Also known as a paystub, paycheck, payslip, or payroll stub, employees receive them each pay period. These documents contain information such as gross and net pay that provides landlords with the confirmation they need if you have the ability to pay.


Check stubs for renting apartments are also the easiest way to show proof, as you could store them digitally and print them out when needed. If you are a business owner or a freelancer, you could also use an online check maker to generate your own payslip. Paystub generators such as Real Check Stubs offer a wide selection of templates that deliver professionally made payroll stub.


As for property owners, differentiating between a real and a fake paystub is very important when considering a potential tenant. There are telltale signs that give away forged documents, such as perfectly rounded numbers, the use of the letter O instead of the number 0, and alignment issues with lines.


Check Stubs for proof of income

2. Employment Verification Letter

Showing proof of income using paystubs may not be enough for some property owners. An employment verification letter is an excellent way to show a landlord that you have a stable income. This would also provide proof that your salary would remain secured and steady over the contract term. You could request a letter from your employer or use a proof of income template to make the process faster and easier.


An employment verification letter would also help you authenticate income not seen on check stubs, such as tips received in the service industry.

3. 1099-MISC Form, W-2 Statements

A 1099-MISC form is a good option for non-salaried workers such as freelancers, entrepreneurs, and contract workers. Meanwhile, employers a W-2 wage and tax statement is completed by employers for each employee. They are valuable ways for landlords to get a complete picture of a future tenant’s overall earnings over the course of a year. 1099s are also issued to present income gained through an asset or royalty, interest and dividends, and government payments. Depending on the property owner, these documents could be sufficient proof of income with or without your tax returns.

4. Bank Statements

Showing a history of consistent deposits over time through bank statements could substitute for check stubs for renting apartments if you do not have one. However intrusive or personal, some landlords would want to know if their tenants are capable of paying their rent and shed light on any dangerous spending habits. Upon request, banks could print these documents to show that you are indeed earning sufficiently to pay for an apartment.

5. Social Security Statements

Non-working individuals who receive disability, retirement, or social security benefits could use a benefit verification letter to probe income. The Social Security Administration (SSA) issues this official letter detailing monthly benefits income. 

6. Guarantor

Another way to boost your verification when renting a home is by getting help from a guarantor such as a relative or close friend. If you are unable to pay your lease for any reason, your guarantor would step in and settle your account. However, not just anyone could be your guarantor. They must be of legal age, have a good credit history, and have a certain amount of income in a year, typically 40 to 80 times the monthly rent, depending on the property owner.

7. Federal Income Tax Returns

Presenting your IRS Form 1040 containing your federal tax returns is also an excellent way to give your future landlord an accurate and detailed picture of your annual salary. 1040 shows all your income sources, such as those coming from assets and royalties and non-salaried positions. Upon request, the IRS could give you a photocopy or a computer transcript of the form.

8. Other Documents for Income Verification

- Severance Statement

- Court Ordered Agreement

- Unemployment Statement

- Worker’s Compensation

- Official Letter from a Certified Public Accountant or trust Manager


Other Documents for Income Verification

Paycheck Includes All the Details Needed for Landlords

If you receive a paycheck or create your own paystub using an online check maker, then you are familiar with the details included in them. Information such as your basic employee details, company details, pay period, gross income, net income, YTD salary and deductions, taxes, and benefits populate the form.


If done correctly, the use of check stubs for renting apartments is the best way to show proof of income. Paystub generators with templates detailing every aspect of your income would be enough for property owners to see if you could pay rent on time.


It is also better if you keep your paystubs for at least a year. This way, you could track your earnings and check if you could afford to pay your dues, or in the instance, you need to find a new home, relocate smoothly. Saving payslips would also show your current or future landlord that you have the initiative and is reliable in settling payments.


As for property owners, before renting out your apartment to a renter, verify each document you receive. It is essential to have an infallible strategy that would deter any tenant from presenting fake verification documents. Look for inconsistencies, misspelt words, misalignments in formatting, and rounded numbers. Develop a good screening process to avoid problems in the future.


Paycheck Includes All the Details Needed for Landlords


As a potential renter, one of the best ways to provide proof of income to your future landlord is with check stubs for renting apartments. They include all the details needed for property owners to assess whether you are the right fit to fill in their rental. From basic contact information to YTD salary and deductions, paystubs give a clear and complete picture of your income.


Searching for your new home should not be hard, so use a paystub generator or check maker, such as Real Check Stubs, to create a reliable document. Landlords are sure to be more considerate if they have a good sense of your status.