Free fillable direct deposit pay stub template

Direct deposit pay stub template
Allen Wood
By Allen Wood
May 26, 2023
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What Is a Direct Deposit Pay Stub Template

Pay stubs contain the summary of an employee's earnings and deductions. Typically, the pay stubs of individual employees are generated by the employer.

This official document allows employees to see how much they earned and how much has been deducted from their payments in a period. Therefore, generating a pay stub template containing spaces for all the essential information is crucial. This information includes net payment for a specific period, time slot, withholdings, federal taxes, payroll deductions, next pay, and year-to-date earnings.

Additionally, the direct deposit pay stub template includes employee contributions to FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act), SUTA (state unemployment insurance), and income tax withholdings. Also, the employer includes benefits such as health insurance benefits for the employee.

In short, the direct deposit pay stub template includes,

  • Employee’s name
  • Salary period and date
  • Number hours worked
  • Net pay and Gross pay
  • Tax deductions
  • Direct deposit information, including bank account and routing numbers
  • Employer contributions
  • Year-to-date earnings 

How to Choose a Direct Deposit Pay Stub Template

The following are essential factors to consider when choosing a direct deposit pay stub template.

  • Choose an editable free direct deposit pay stub template: Firstly, choosing a customizable and freely available one is preferable. These templates allow you to add the company's logo, personalized color, and other information, making the pay stub look professional.
  • Type of Layout: You can find multiple types of direct deposit templates. Some templates are available horizontally, while others are in a vertical layout. Similarly, the design format, including the placement of the employee's and employer's information, also varies. What a direct deposit pay stub looks like is worth considering as it depicts your organizational skills.
  • Type of Information: All direct deposit pay stub templates allow employers to add basic information. However, choosing a pay stub containing all your required fields is preferable. For instance, the pay stub must have the date hired, job description, totally worked hours, etc.

Check Out Our Editable Direct Deposit Paycheck Stub Templates

Modern 2 Template

How to Use This Pay Stub Template

This editable free pay stub template is quick and simple. You can add the employee's name, address, gross income, and hours worked on the left and tax deductions on the right. The template will automatically sum up all the figures in the final row.

Classic 5 Template

How to Use This Pay Stub Template

In this paycheck stub template, you can mention YTD (year-to-date) gross and deductions, net pay, YTD pay, taxable and non-taxable pay, hours worked, the pay period, payroll, and the employee's basic information. You can also add your company's name and address to the bottom of the pay stub to make it more personal.

Advanced 2 Template

How to Use This Pay Stub Template

This template lets you enter employees' basic and employment information in detail. For example, you can list regular, overtime, bonus, and vacation earnings and their fixed hourly rate. Then, based on the fixed rate, the template will automatically figure out how much the employee will get paid. Also, you can enter detailed tax deductions for the specific month and year to date in the correct columns.

You can access these and several other pay stub templates from our free pay stub generator.

What Are the Benefits of Using Direct Deposit Check Stub Templates?

  • The direct deposit pay stub templates display an employee’s detailed basic and salary information in one place.
  • These pay stubs are proof of income when applying for a loan.
  • Direct deposit pay stub informs the employees of their exact federal tax deductions.
  • Electronically available direct deposit paycheck stub templates eliminate the chances of mathematical errors in the paystubs.
  • The pay stubs are easy to fill and help save time and energy.


  • How do I get my pay stubs if I have direct deposit?

Generally, pay stubs are handed over to the employees along with the paycheck or the direct deposit. However, if your employer sends your payments directly into your bank account, you can ask your employer for the pay stub. Your employer will make your pay stub based on your salary, tax information, social security payments, and other relevant financial information.

Typically, the employers send the soft copy of the employees’ pay stubs in pdf or doc format via email or directly hand over the printed copy. Also, some businesses and employers use an online payment portal and give their employees their login information. This online payment portal stores the company's employees' pay stubs.

You can use the login information to get pay stubs for all direct deposit payments you've received since you joined. Each employee has a specific employee identification number. Access to pay stubs on a single platform allows you to download and print any particular pay stub you need.

  • Can I generate my pay stub?

Yes, you can generate a pay stub yourself. You can use our free paystub generator to get your pay stub. Here, you can get access to multiple pay stub templates. So whether you are looking for a paycheck stub template or a direct deposit pay stub template, we have got you covered.

These pay stub templates can be changed and have columns where you can fill in the employee's salary, information about the IRS, and other relevant information.

You can edit and fill out these pay stubs with the necessary information. And later, you can download the direct deposit pay stubs in pdf or doc format. You can add your company's logo and employer identification number to these templates.

  • Does direct deposit count as a pay stub?

The direct deposit does not count as a pay stub as it does not contain the employee’s financial record at the company. So, the employer needs to make a separate direct deposit pay stub template to send with the payment.

  • How to identify a fake paycheck stub template?

  • The real direct deposit or paycheck stub template uses professional font styles that are easily readable and checkable through different software.
  • Also, the accounting software reads the mathematical figures in decimal points. Hence, the real direct deposit pay stub will depict the payment amount in decimals.
  • The actual pay stub template includes all of the employee's and employer's basic information and the relevant tax terms.

It is crucial to check all these characteristics in the pay stub template to avoid generating fake pay stubs. You can look up direct deposit pay stubs to get a clear idea of what a direct deposit pay stub looks like.

With our direct deposit pay stub templates, making pay stubs is easy, professional, and doesn't take much time. These paystubs provide an excellent solution for effective financial management and budgeting.

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