Receiving direct deposits of your salary to your bank account or making automated payments is a useful and convenient payroll feature. It eliminates mistakes from repeated writing of your information on checks. This is where a voided check comes in handy. 


Employers using pay stub generators to create their payroll may request a voided check from you to set up your direct deposit account. This saves you from the trouble of having to visit the bank to cash your paycheck. In some instances, you could use a check maker containing a pay stub with voided check template to create one digitally.


They can not be used to cash or deposit money. However, voided checks contain information needed to fill out paperwork. Here is everything you need to know about pay stubs with voided checks.

What Is a Voided Check?

You could easily recognize a voided check when you see the word "VOID" written across the front of a check. Typically written in large bold capital letters, the word disables or invalidates a blank or improperly filled check. This means that the check could not be used in any way, such as making a payment or withdrawing money from your account. They can not be filled in, cashed, or deposited, preventing other people from using them.


Your employer could set up a direct deposit for your pay stub with a voided check. Meanwhile, employers could ask for voided checks when you need to generate your payroll.

How does a Voided Check work?

You might ask yourself what is the use of a voided check if it is invalidated. Where would you use such a document, and for what purpose? The most frequent use of this blank check is to provide your banking information to someone that could set up a digital link with your bank account.


As useless it may seem, a voided check contains several details about your bank and your accounts, such as your bank's routing number and location and your account number. The numbers indicated at the bottom of the check would provide you with everything you need to make a deposit or withdraw funds.


Generally, you should always keep your banking information secure and private to avoid identity theft and other fraudulent activities. This means hiding your blank checks, voided checks, and a checkbook where other people could not easily find them.


What Is a Voided Check?

When to Use Voided Checks?

As previously discussed, voided blank checks do not seem to have any purpose due to their nature. However, these documents could come in handy when you need to provide banking information to your employer or any entity for a legal and legitimate purpose.


Instead of writing your information every time you need to fill out a form with your account number and the bank's routing number, you could simply provide a voided check. This avoids mistakes from manually copying each number that could possibly cause you problems. Your employer would also prevent errors when making payroll.


Here are some instances when you could use a voided check.


- If your employer directly deposits your salary or reimbursements electronically or when someone is transferring your money, they would need to have the details of your account information. They could set up your pay stub with a voided check using the information provided, allowing them to pay you correctly and on time.


- When you make an error filling out a check, for example, a wrong amount or payee, you have the option to either void or destroy it. Keeping the document could be risky, and if you are not using it for anything else, it is best to throw it away.


- You could also set up electronic payments with a voided check. The person receiving the document could arrange for your account to automatically deduct payments for rent, mortgage, loans, and insurance. This allows you to stop writing each check for expenses repeatedly without fear of making a mistake. This also applies to checks intended for benefits and taxes.


- In some cases where you prefer to write your checks and make a mistake, writing "VOID" could be useful for record-keeping purposes. Since these documents are numbered successively, instead of destroying and throwing out the check, you could save the document to remind you what numbered check was invalidated.

Requirements for Voided Checks

The requirements to create a pay stub with a voided check are simple. Just grab your checkbook, take out a check and write V-O-I-D across the front in large bold letters. Ensure they are tall and wide enough to cover the whole front of the check. However, be sure not to block the bottom area which contains your banking information.


Another way of voiding a check is by writing void on the dateline, payee line, amount box, amount line, and signature line.


You would want to make it difficult for anyone to erase or alter the mark because if they succeed in doing so, they would have a blank check to use. Additionally, make a copy of your voided check and take note of the check number in your register to keep yourself on track of your transactions. If the voided check number appears on your account, contact your bank as soon as possible to avoid any problems.


When the recipient, such as your employer or bank, receives the voided check, they copy the banking details from it then enter the information into their system. It is best that they would shred the check after use so that nobody could use the information for any illegal activity.

Pay Stub with Voided Check Templates

Now you might ask what if you do not have physical paystub checks. How would you void a check if you do not have any? Fortunately, there are online pay stub generators, such as Real Check Stubs, which offer check stub templates that provide voided checks examples.


The check maker's advanced 2, advanced 3 and advanced 5 templates allow you to create voided checks digitally. You could then either print the pay stub with a voided check or send the document through a secure electronic line such as an encrypted email.


Pay Stub with Voided Check Templates


Real Check Stub's 3 easy-to-follow steps give you the option to void a check without actually having to have a physical check.


Once you set up your account using a pay stub with a voided check, direct deposit, payment of bills, benefits, and other amounts would become a breeze. You do not have to write your banking details and worry about mistakes every time you need to issue a check.


The short and simple word "VOID" appearing on your check means that it could not be used for any other purpose other than providing your account and bank information. You could set up a voided check by writing the four-letter word or using a pay stub generator with templates to create a voided check.


Check maker Real Check Stubs offers templates that give you the option to void a check digitally if you do not have a physical check. Knowing how to make such documents and how to use them properly would go a long way to providing you comfort financially.