Ashburn Paycheck Calculator

Ashburn Paycheck Calculator

Ashburn currently has 65 data centers representing 55% of Loudoun’s total facilities. In addition, the county has been one of the fastest-growing job markets in the US and presently houses 11,900 businesses that employ approximately 2 million people.



Ashburn has been one of the fastest-growing job markets in the US and presently houses 11,900 businesses that employ approximately 2 million people. Are you curious to know more about Ashburn's updated payroll taxes, tax rates, and paystub generator?

Continue reading this guide as it walks you through Ashburn payroll-related laws, taxes, the business registration process, and much more.

Registering a Business in Ashburn

Starting a business in Ashburn you may need the following strategies:

  • Start with a well-organized business plan and move forward to determining the legal structure and formation
  • Obtain a tax id or Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Register for state taxes and obtain your state tax id 
  • Apply for local permits and business-specific licenses
  • Open a business bank account, set up accounting, and obtain insurance
  • Once done, you can start hiring employees and other business-related operations

Ashburn Tax Overview

Ashburn follows Virginia taxes. With four tax brackets ranging from 2-5.75%, Virginia has a progressive income tax system. The bracket you fall under depends on your income. However, as the highest rate applies to income over $17,000, most Ashburn taxpayers are expected to pay the top rate. No cities in Virginia, including Ashburn, levy local income taxes. 

Ashburn Income Tax Rates and Tax Brackets

Ashburn income tax returns are due on May 1, 2023. The rates and brackets look like the following. 

Taxable Income Bracket


Tax Owed



2% of taxable income



$60 + 3% of the amount over $3000



$120 + 5% of the amount over $5000

More than $17,000


$720 + 5.75% of the amount over $17,000

Virginia State Unemployment Tax Rates (SUTA)

This payroll tax is for employers. Moreover, the collection from SUTA goes into the state unemployment fund on behalf of their employees. In Virginia, if an employer has no paid taxable payroll during the four years ending 30th June of the prior year, they need to pay the maximum base tax rate of 6.2% (maximum) as SUTA.

FUTA Rates

FUTA is similar to SUTA. However, they pay it at the federal level (Federal Unemployment Tax). In Virginia, it's 6% of the first $7000 of every employee’s taxable income of the year. 

FICA Rates

These taxes comprise medicare and social security taxes. The social security withholding is 6.2% of an individual’s income, and the medicare withholding is 1.45% per pay period. 

Other Taxes

Besides the graduated individual income tax, Ashburn has a 6% corporate income tax rate, a 5.30% state sales tax rate, and a .70% local sales tax rate. Moreover, for owner-occupied housing, individuals need to pay .87% of property taxes. However, overall, Ashburn’s average combined state taxes are the 11th lowest in the nation.

Other Deductions on Pay Stubs

Other deductions in pay stub in Ashburn may include child and dependent care expenses, foster care deduction and long-term healthcare premiums. Furthermore, they include bone marrow screening fee, sales tax paid on different energy-efficient equipment and appliances, tissue and organ donation expenses, prepaid dental, medical, and funeral premiums, disallowed business interest, etc. 

Ashburn Payroll Taxes Withholding

There are two types of tax withholding - pre and post. Employees who participate in HSA, FSA, or any other eligible benefits should be subtracted from gross wages before taxes are taken out. On the other hand, post-tax withholdings are for employers with wage garnishments, child support, etc. However, to know more about withholding taxes in Ashburn, Virginia, click here

Ashburn Paycheck Calculator

Typically, an Ashburn hourly paycheck calculator will require you to calculate the gross wages first. Afterward, you will need to deduct pre-tax withholding, federal income taxes, and FICA taxes. Then you will have to calculate your payable FUTA and SUTA taxes.

Finally, you will have to deduct post-tax withholdings. For precise calculation, you can use a free paycheck calculator and consider other deductions like 401k, HSA, FSA, long-term disability insurance, medical insurance, etc. 

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Child Support Calculator 

Using an Ashburn child support calculator, you can estimate your monthly child support payment depending on Virginia’s child support guidelines. You will have to input details like the number of children, net monthly income of the non-custodial parent and monthly alimony amount paid by non-custodial payment. Furthermore, add the custodial parent’s monthly income, monthly daycare cost, etc.  

Labor Laws in Ashburn

Ashburn labor laws are designed to protect employees and employers. The minimum wage per employee is $12 per hour, which is subject to increments depending on inflation. The wages should be paid in cash or by cheque at face value upon demand, and the employee must adhere to regular pay periods. 

Ashburn Paystub Generator

A pay stub refers to a document that an employer issues to show an employee’s gross earnings, deductions, net income, etc. Usually, pay stubs are created with paychecks. Thus, employees can expect a new pay stub for each period. You can use an online paystub generator like Real Check Stubs to make paycheck stub in Ashburn. It allows you to generate stubs online in minutes. 

Ashburn Tax Resources

  • Virginia Tax


Phone : 804-367-8031( Individuals ) |  804-367-8037 ( Businesses ) |  804-367-2486 ( Refund)

  • Tax Foundation


Phone: 202-464-6200


  • What is an Ashburn paycheck calculator?

An Ashburn paycheck calculator is an automated system that allows you to calculate your income after federal, state, and Ashburn taxes. 

  • How to use a pay stub generator?

To use a paystub generator, you need to put in a few details like gross earnings and net income, deductions, etc., and then hit the dedicated button for calculation. Click here to know more. 

  • Why should you use a salary paycheck calculator?

A salary paycheck calculator helps you calculate your income easily by performing all the complex gross-to-net calculations, allowing you to estimate your take-home.

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