Paycheck Stub (Frequently Asked Question)

Creating a paycheck stub is easy with but we are sure you have questions so we have answers.

Questions about Real Check Stubs™

  • Who you are?

    Real Check Stubs™ provides solutions to paycheck handling, among other financial handling services to provide a number of benefits to those using our Services.
    Our Services save valuable time for our users by allowing them to do more with less, to enable enhanced or better record keeping, to eliminate and/or minimize human error in tedious processing matters, while providing a customizable professional fast, simple, and easy to use experience.

  • Is Real Check Stubs legit?

    When you choose us, you can be confident that you're getting original, usable paycheck stubs. We pride ourselves on being the best in the industry while constantly working to improve our products and services. View samples of our work here

  • How can I make my payment?

    You can make your payment via a major credit card, klarna, afterpay or cash app.

  • I need a different template, can you help me?

    We offer 14 different paystub templates. However, we are always open to creating new templates, send us the details about the template you need and we will try our best to create it for you under our custom stub program

  • How fast are paystubs sent to me?

    As soon as you place the order, your paystubs will be sent to you via email. In case you don't find them in your inbox, kindly check your Junk-Mail or Spam folder.

  • I lost my stub and need it reprinted. How can I get another copy?

    You can request a reprint of your stub by submitting a request using the form found on the support page. Include your name and paypal email address or transaction number used to complete the purchase.

  • How can I contact you?

    We have 24/7 support. You can reach us through mail, instant chat or ticket.