Paycheck Stub(Frequently Asked Question)

Creating a paycheck stub is easy with but we are sure you have questions so we have answers.

  • Q: Can I enter salary information instead of an hourly rate?

    A: Of course you can. Turn off the auto calculator and instead of typing in an hourly rate you can type in the word salary.

  • Q: Do I need to print my stub on special paper?

    A: No. No special paper is needed. The paycheck will print with a background similar to the background found on paycheck stub stock.

  • Q: How can I make my payment?

    A: Paypal is used to process all payments. All major credit cards are accepted through paypal and a paypal account is not needed to complete the payment.

  • Q: I lost my stub and need it reprinted. How can I get another copy.

    A: You can request a reprint of your stub by submitting a request using the form found on the support page. Include your name and paypal email address or transaction number used to complete the purchase.

  • Q: The Check Stub Generator confuses me, can someone help me?

    A: Of course contact us using either the chat button or the support form and we will gladly walk you through the creation of your paycheck stub.

  • Q: Is a paycheck stub created with a legal document?

    A: No paycheck stubs created using are not legal documents.

  • Q: I need a different template, can you help me?

    A: Yes, we are always open to creating new templates, send us the details about the template you need and we will try our best to create it for you under our custom stub program

  • Q: I had a problem with my order who can I contact to have the issue fixed?

    A: Don't panic, send an email to with your concern and we will address is asap.