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Discover Paystub Examples and Make Your Stub in 4 Steps
May 23, 2024
May 23, 2024
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Pay stub examples vary on purpose and information to be shown. Different templates are available, but it’s better to make your own from our Real Check Stubs generator!

A pay stub or check stub is a document an employer gives to employees or a self-employed individual highlighting their earnings in a given period. It can be used as proof of income or record expenses and contributions.

Can I Make My Own Pay Stub?

You can make your own pay stub through a sample pay stub template or through a check stub generator. With Real Check Stubs, there are 16 templates to choose from ranging from modern, classic, and advanced pay stub templates. Below you will find pay stub examples and pay stub samples. 

To make your own pay stub, you’ll need to input the following information:

  • - Company name and address
  • - Employee name and address
  • - Employee ID
  • - SSN
  • - Pay Date
  • - Pay Period
  • - Pay Rate

A pay stub will also include gross and net income, deductions such as taxes, contributions, and their Year-to-Date (YTD). Different paycheck stub examples found below will show you what it looks like. Review the paycheck stub templates below.

How Do You Make a Pay Stub?

A more old-school way of making pay stubs include pen and paper, spreadsheets, and checks but those are all inefficient. Plus, some banks and companies don’t accept hand written pay stubs anymore. You can use a sample pay stub as a reference when making your own pay stubs digitally but it will be a lot easier to use an online generator since you will only need to input the necessary information. 

With Real Check Stubs, there are 4 quick and easy ways to create your own pay stub. 

Step 1: Select Template

Choose from 16 templates available. Modern templates are simple and easy to understand. They contain the most necessary information that will help an employee get an overview of his or her financial statement.

The classic template carries the same information as the modern check stub but it follows a design common to companies and businesses. This is a very popular check stub template.

Advanced pay stub templates provide the most information among the three templates. It includes holiday, overtime, vacation pay, bonuses, commissions, and taxable marital status.

Step 2: Enter Info

After choosing your desired template, select the number of stubs you need, how you are paid (weekly, bimonthly, monthly, etc.), and what state you’re in. Select whether you are an employee or contractor if you need a deposit slip and whether you need a check stub for an hourly rate or an annual salary.

You can then input the necessary information such as company name and address, employee name and address, employee I.D., SSN, and pay date. For advanced options, you can select a marital status, exemptions, and the YTD. This is a great example pay stub.

Step 3: Preview Your Pay Stub

You can preview what your pay stub will look like to double-check the information you’ve placed. Make sure that the details are accurate to avoid issues with fake pay stubs.

Step 4: Download your Pay Stub

You can then download your pay stub from your email for printing. Watermarks will be removed from purchased copies.

Using an online check stub generator will save you time making it more efficient than a typical pay stub template. This is especially helpful for a company that produces pay stubs for a large number of employees.

How to Choose A Pay Sample Paystub


There are several pay stub template options available at Online Paystub Generator 


The design and platform of a check stub template can alter, but never the contents. The information asked on a pay stub paper is required and cannot be tailored to each individual. Always provide a paycheck stub after each paid month.


A pay stub template answers whether you are an individual looking for proof of income or an employer looking to provide your employees with the necessary payment information.


Using a paystub generator to provide employee paycheck stub template alternatives demonstrates a commitment to quality, thoroughness, and professionalism. Businesses are aware of the constantly changing state requirements that must be included in your employee pay stub example.

Sample Check Stubs

There are 16 sample check stubs you can view from Real Check Stubs templates. 4 for modern, 6 for classic, and 4 for advanced templates. When reviewing a sample check stub, look for things that are important to you. You can choose whatever design fits your business as all of them contain the necessary information there is on a pay stub.

These are formal, professional, and easy-to-understand payroll check stub examples that any employee or self-employed individual will understand. Avoid fake-looking pay stubs with these simple and monochromatic designs.

Click on the check stub example below to see a live demo:

Modern Check Stub Template

Modern 2 Check Stub Template

Modern 3 Check Stub Template

Modern 4 Check Stub Template

Classic Paycheck Stub Example

Classic 2 Paycheck Stub Example

Classic 3 Paycheck Stub Example

Classic 4 Paycheck Stub Example

Classic 5 Paycheck Stub Example

Classic 6 Paycheck Stub Example

Advanced Check Stub Sample

Advanced 2 Check Stub Sample

Advanced 3 Check Stub Sample

Advanced 5 Check Stub Sample

Advanced 7 Check Stub Sample

How Do I Get a Pay Stub From Direct Deposit?

Employers can provide pay stubs through email or by directly giving them to employees. Sometimes, businesses give access to online payment websites so that employees would see the payments made through direct deposits. With these websites, employees can print the pay stubs themselves. 

Not all states require the giving of pay stubs but if you run a small business and want to do so, an online generator would help you make pay stubs for your employees efficiently as long as you have the required information.

Do People Fake Pay Stubs?

Because making your own pay stubs can be easy, people can fake their own pay stubs. It’s important to only use legit and official pay stubs with information that is factual because otherwise, it’s considered fraud. Landlords, mortgage companies, and banks can do background checks of employee information to verify given documents. The key is to generate pay stubs using REAL information.

Although sample paycheck stubs are fillable and printable, make sure to fill up generic entries, check for spelling errors, use factual digits and proper calculations, and use correct dates and employment references. fillable pay stub free

Online generators make it easy especially for self-employed and small business owners to make pay stubs for their employees. Abuse of such can have serious consequences such as fines that could lead up to millions or jail time.

How Do Salary Pay Stubs Look?

Some check stub examples are available in PDF. When looking for fake pay stubs, there is information you want to watch out for:

  • - Check if zeros are replaced with Os
  • - The appearance could be unprofessional
  • - There is missing information
  • - Perfectly rounded numbers are used
  • - Information is inconsistent
  • - Amounts are rounded off

There are also third-party verification services available if you want to ensure a pay stub is factual. We hope you were able to find the perfect pay stub template when you create pay stubs online.

Real Check Stubs Generator

Salary pay stub examples make it easy to create pay stubs on your own by providing references but it is always faster and more efficient to use an online generator. Go ahead and create yours in an instant with Real Check Stubs! A real pay stub generator.