Best Pay Stub Generator for Employees Paid in Cash in 2024

Best Pay Stub Generator for Cash Payments in 2024
December 18, 2023
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December 18, 2023
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Best Pay Stub Generator for Employees Paid in CashEmployers who have small-scale businesses and have not partnered with a payroll company will have to manually process their employees' payrolls. For such an employer to successfully do this, he will need to understand the basic state laws as they relate to payroll, know his identification number, and handle specific calculations.

Then again, such an employer will have to give his employees pay stubs to track financial information. A paystub contains employment details, federal taxes based on the employee's W-4 form, gross wages, income taxes, and net salary.

The essence of paystubs is to help employees track the taxes they pay, their payroll, and other important financial information. While it can be tiring to generate pay stubs, it is still essential.

For this reason, a company needs a pay stub generator to administer payrolls easily. Furthermore, employers can choose between the free paystub generator and paid paystub generators. 

The significant difference between these two pay stub generators is that the paid can carry out calculations. Thus, choosing a top-notch pay stub generator that can work effectively and efficiently is vital to avoid complications.

About Employees Paid in Cash


It is legal to pay employees in cash if the employer or organization follows the proper procedure. However, this method of payment can be stressful and time-consuming.

That is because you must ensure the accuracy of your payroll report, which must contain up-to-date pay stub documents and tax payments. Then again, if you pay your employees in cash, you will have to calculate and deduct the federal income tax, social security, and others.

It is essential for employees who are paid in cash to possess a salary pay stub to track financial payments. 

Additionally, employees paid in cash must sign that they have collected their payrolls. There are dishonest people here and there, so the employer must get each employee's signature before he can receive his paycheck.

You can give each employee their pay stub and salary for transparency and easy handling.

How to Create Pay Stubs for Employees Paid in Cash

Creating pay stubs for employees is pretty straightforward. You have the liberty to make use of a pay stub generator or use a free template. Downloading a template and filling in the employee's information is the best way to do this.

However, the paid pay stub will be more effective for companies with large employee numbers. Accordingly, if you want to create pay stubs for your employees, there are specific steps to follow.

A Step-by-step Guide

To create a stub, you must:

  1. Choose an efficient online paystub generator.
  2. Then, you fill in the needed information, including the employer and employee's information, salary, and legal pre-tax deductions. 
  3. After inputting the correct information, the generator will work out accurate calculations for you. 
  4. Lastly, you download and print the calculated pay stub. 

Importance of Pay Stubs for Employees Paid in Cash

Pay stubs have several benefits. Firstly, a check stub or a pay stub is an integral part of an employee's paycheck that contains information about his pay.

Then again, the check stub shows deductions and the final net income. Hence, it is vital for both employers and employees to have it. For more information, read more on the online salary slip maker.

As an Employer

An employer must possess a pay stub, as it is a receipt for the employees. Using the paycheck stub allows employers to have detailed records of where, when, and how much they paid the employees.

Thus, when an employee complains of an incorrect net salary, you, as an employer, will know how to back up your explanation. In most organizations and small businesses, the Human Resources department is usually in charge of the paystubs.

As an Employee

Employees without W-2 forms can use pay stubs for annual wage documentation and income validation. Thus, employees must have their paycheck stubs to verify their income, file taxes, and perform other financial services.

While it is straightforward and can be free for employees to create their pay stubs, they should contact their employers first, as they would have it in their files.

Finding the Right Paystub Generator

There are several online paystub generators. However, you must find the right one to efficiently carry out the documentation and deduction of your employee's payroll.

While there are free pay stub generators, there are also paid ones. The free pay stub generators work simply. You must calculate your employees' payroll, deduct the right amount, and input the net pay into the pay stub template.

Then the service you choose will create your pay stub for free. Although free pay stub generators have fewer features than paid ones, they still possess enough features to be extremely useful for small businesses. 

On the other hand, the paid paystub generators have more customized features than the free ones. Using the paid generator allows you to choose a customized color or theme for your pay stub.

You can paste your company's logo on the paid pay stub. Fortunately, there is a pay stub generator that is very efficient and effective. It is RealCheckStubs. Get more information on choosing the right pay stub template and how to fill out an employee check stub template.

Why Choose RealCheckStubs

Real check stubs are instant pay stub generators. This #1 online paystub generator works 24/7 and is highly reputable for being easy to use and fast.

Real check stubs have also developed an auto calculator, enabling you to calculate accurate deductions, thereby get the correct payroll for each employee. Real check stubs understand that time is precious.

As a result, they ensure that users can access in-built templates and calculators in a check stub maker. Thus, you should use this pay stub generator because it saves time.

Additionally, you don't have to manually search several spreadsheets to locate an employee's paycheck history, as real check stubs have archived payroll records. Since this generator has this tool, it helps employees limit the space that that paper occupies in the office.


  • Can you pay cash for an employee?

Yes, you can pay in cash to your employees. Although most people assume that making cash payments is illegal, it is an acceptable method of paying your employee's wages. Additionally, paying in cash is common among people with small businesses. 

Paying in cash is only illegal if the employer tries to escape paying his workers' entitlements. Thus, for paying in cash to be legal, the employer has to ensure that he provides a payslip stating legal deductions and the final net pay.

  • What is it called when you get paid in cash?

When you receive payment in cash, it is known as "face-to-face payment." This way, you receive your wages directly from the employer.

  • What to do if you get paid in cash?

You don't need to be afraid if your employer pays you in cash. All you have to do is ensure that you know about all the legal deductions and that you have paid all your entitlements. If you are uncertain about certain deductions, you can request an explanation.

However, we'll have you know that there are specific taxes and other fees that employers need to deduct before making the final payments.

  • What can I use instead of a pay stub?

There are several other means to show proof of payment if you want to use something other than a pay stub. First, you can use  W-2s and tax returns to verify your income. Then again, there is a 1099, which you get for government payments and dividends.

You can use these documents to verify your payment without using the pay stub.

  • How do I make a real check stub?

Making a real check stub is easy; you only have to choose among various available pay stub generators. Then, you input your information into the template provided by the generator you choose. Then the stub generator will compute the data and give the necessary details.

  • Can I make my own pay stub?

Yes, you can make your pay stub. However, we recommend you request one from your employer, as they usually have one for each employee in their respective files.

  • Is there a free paystub generator?

There are both free and paid paystub generators. The free paystub generator works effectively. However, there are certain things that a free generator cannot do. As a result, we recommend using the paid paystub generators, as they enable you to add specific effects, such as the company's logo, and use several themes.