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You’ve reached the point in your business where you now require a paystub. A quick google search pulls up several sites with a ton of template options, paystub makers, and weird names. How do you make the right choice? Is it price, is it looks, is it the one you immediately fall in love with? Lol.

Well, the truth is when it comes to selecting the best online pay stub template for you and your employees it can be a combination of all those things and more. 

Choosing The Best Paystub Templates for your Business

A paystub template is in many ways a representation of your business. You want the best representation possible and a professionally designed Pay Check Stub. The pay stub is the last thing your employees and contractors see at the end of the week and the one document they hold dear.

To your employees, the pay stub that you provide is often the most important document they receive from your company. It serves as their official proof of income. They often have to store the pay stub documents for their records and even present their paystub when handling their important business outside of work. 

Choosing the right online paystub template for your business can be challenging for even the most seasoned business owners. How do you make the best choice for both your company and yourself? Don't fret our guide will help you make that decision.

Our goal is to help you identify the 5 elements that help you choose the right template for you. This advice is based on our experience of working with thousands of small business owners. All of them have used our pay stub generator to create their pay stubs. 

Before we start let’s define what a paystub is in layman’s terms. A paystub at its core is a document composed of fields that detail both financial and non-financial information regarding the earnings relationship between an employee/contractor and the employer. Simply put a document that outlines what an employee earned and the company that paid them. Now that that’s clear let's begin.

This guide will detail what we believe to be the top 5 most important elements to consider when choosing the best paystub template.

  1. Fields

  2. Simple or Advanced

  3. Aesthetics

  4. Deposit Slips

  5. Customizations

Paystub Fields:

Our definition of a paystub is based on fields, a document, and earnings right? These fields list information such as pay date, pay period, payment type, and payment amount. More company-specific information like the stub ID, department, and file number. Your job is to decide which of these fields are important to you and which of these fields you can do without. 

In our opinion less is more and simple is the route that most businesses should choose. However, some businesses are more technical in nature. Hence less is not an option and these fields become vital to the decision. We’ll cover this more in the detail level section. 

Let’s take a quick dive into the fields that you are likely to need on your template. The first few fields are more obvious. They are company information and employee information. With the company information, you want to provide the basics like the company name & address. Following the same format for the employee information, name, and address.

Again as with other fields, there is an opportunity to provide more detail when required. An example would be adding the company’s EIN, the employee's full ssn(not recommended) or identifying the individual as an independent contractor.

The next set of fields on the template you want to review is the income and deduction fields. These fields contain your rate of pay, the number of hours you are being paid for, and your standard taxes withheld better known as deductions. Something else to consider is if you need to include salary or hourly income options. This is based on the functionality of the paystub generator you use. ( Hint: all online check stub makers are not created equally)

If you have no need for additional income & deduction options on your stub like overtime, bonus pay, commissions, child support, or 401k’s we would suggest selecting a simple template offered in our classic or modern range like this pay stub template.

If you have a need for the additional fields on your template you are more likely to find the best paystub template for your needs in our advanced section. One of the more popular choices for the advanced template can be found here. 

Simple or Advanced Pay Stub

Piggybacking off of what we covered in the fields section above we should give some brief attention to the varying levels of detail that a  template can contain. Just like all people are unique so are all businesses and their needs.

Paystubs aren’t a one size fits all thing. Some businesses only have a need for the basic info, basic income & basic deductions. While others have a need for more advanced templates that offer more fields and more intricate designs. 

Who might require advanced paystub templates? Those who have to record additional income sources such as bonuses, overtime, holiday pay, and commissions. The same applies to those who need to record additional deductions like 401k contributions, child support, and medical and dental deductions. 

In fact, we’ve seen businesses start out with a simple paystub from the classic and modern collection and transition to a template from the advanced collection. Below is an example of a modern template compared to an advanced template. We’d suggest determining the level of complexity you’d like your template to contain before moving to the next step.

Simple or Advanced Pay Stub

Pay Stub Looks

After you have determined if you need a template with simple fields or a paycheck stub template with more advanced fields you should now start to review the aesthetics of the paystubs that fit your field parameters. It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we believe that to be true. It is the very reason we created a wide variety of paycheck stub templates.

What should you be considering when it comes down to the look of the paystub? We think it should be a combination of things such as the layout, color, line placement, and size.

Let’s focus on the size for a second as the size can sometimes be an important aesthetic determining factor for your selection. Paystubs usually come in 3 sizes:

  1. quarter (small),
  2. half (medium), and 
  3. full (large).

Size is usually a choice of preference as even small templates have room for advanced fields.

We’ve found that most people like small and large paystub templates fairly equally. The medium paystub templates are not as popular but have a place in our hearts :).

Which size should you choose? If you are looking to fit multiple stubs on one page then we suggest going with the small size. If that is not a factor in your consideration then you can’t really go wrong with any of the sizes. We do however want to warn that using the large template size can result in more ink usage.

Once you decide on the size that you find the most appealing our suggestion would be to review the layout, color, and background. Most paystub templates come in the black and white variety. However, we offer templates that have brilliant color backgrounds that customers have long been fond of.

While the color may not be necessary it certainly adds some pop and character. Since the fields are the most important sections, the aesthetics while important are purely a personal choice.

Our advice here is to narrow down your choice of the best template for your needs by reviewing both the modern and classic collections for those that only need simple fields.

Decide if color is important to you. If yes then reviewing Modern 2 & Classic 4 would be a good place to start. If not then classic 3 is a good option.

For those that can take advantage of the more advanced fields, we suggest focusing on the advanced collection. 

If you like colors then we would suggest reviewing Advanced #5

Deposit Slips:

Deposit slips are a staple on most paystubs. They show that the money that was earned was actually deposited in the bank account of the employee vs being cashed at the bank. Again this is a matter of preference and convenience. If showing that you or your employee's earnings were transferred to the bank then adding a deposit slip may be of immense value.

Deposit slips are offered on templates in all collections so you’re in luck no matter which collection you choose. If you’d like to a deposit slip to a paystub template in the classic collection a good start would be this paystub template For the modern collection we suggest this Modern pay stub template with deposit slip. A good start for the advanced collection would be the Advanced 5.


Personalizing and customizing is what we humans like to do! We get excited to make things reflect us and our personalities through small changes. Well, with a paystub template we, unfortunately, can’t bedazzle it or make our selfie’s the background. What we can do though is make subtle customizations to our paystubs that further make them ours and are still seen as professional.

The first paystub customization is very subtle but looks great and offers amazing results. It’s the company abbreviation customization.

On this paystub you can add the company's name and it will show as a watermark on the pay stub. It provides a very professional look and subtle customization. If you’d like to add this, follow the steps below:


Paystub Company WatermarkPaystub Company Phone Number

The next customization is the changing of backgrounds. The goal of this customization is to provide a textured look to your paystub. As a bonus, some of our stubs offer the ability to change the texture of the background. This of course is purely aesthetics in nature, however, it offers the opportunity to make your paystub that much more unique.

If you choseModern 2,Modern 3 orAdvanced 5 as your favorite template so far then you are in luck. These paystub templates have the ability to change backgrounds. To test the different backgrounds follow the steps shown on the sample paycheck stub template below:

Pay stub Background Change

To summarize the 5 steps on how to choose the best paystub template for you:

  • Step 1. Identify the income and deduction fields that are important to you

  • Step 2. Determine if you want a simple design or a complex design

  • Step 3. Select the size, color, and layout that appeals to you the most

  • Step 4. Add deposit slips if required

  • Step 5. Add Customizations


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