Have you been wondering how to get a check stub from Dollar Tree? Getting a check stub from Dollar Tree requires login information that the company provides its employers with.

You can even use Dollar Tree POS terminal to access your pay stub. 

How to Get Pay Stubs from Dollar Tree (Step-by-Step Guide)

How To Get A Check Stub From Dollar Tree

How do I check my pay stubs from Dollar Tree? The Dollar Tree Associate Information Centre provides the link to the portal to access your pay stubs. 

  • Head on to the Family Dollar online paystub portal login provided by the company.
  • This website is accessible from iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  • You will see a Dollar Tree emblem at the top of the page below which you will see the portal.
  • You will already know your username and password if you are an old employee.
  • However, for new employees, the website mentions that your password will be the two digits of your birth month followed by the last two digits of your birth year. These digits will be followed by your SSN (last four digits).

What Information Do I Need to Get a Pay Stub from Dollar Tree?

The information required to access your pay stub from Dollar Tree includes your username and passcode.

In the case of new employees who don't have an account, they can use this link to create their Dollar Tree employee account. After selecting 'create account,' five questions will appear on the screen that the employee must answer.

Why May You Need Pay Stubs from Dollar Tree?

There are several reasons why a person may need a paystub. But generally, you need a pay stub when applying for a new job, getting a loan, or paying taxes (federal and state). 

Since Dollar Tree employees are not exempted from the list of taxpayers, they require pay stubs to pay taxes to the government.

What to Do If You Don't Work at Dollar Tree Anymore?

Many people question that can we recover pay subs from previous jobs. We can't answer everyone. However, Ex Dollar Tree employees can access their pay stubs differently than active employees.

You need to contact the support center using this mail ‘paymail@dollartree.com'. Then you can access your previous pay stubs without any inconvenience.

Can I Make My Own Pay Stubs at Home?

For those asking,  can you create your own pay stub? The answer is yes.

Do I Need Authorization If I Make My Own Pay Stubs Online?

This depends on the purpose of use of the pay stub. Since there is no false information in your pay stub (ensure there isn't), you might not need to authorize your pay stub. For verification, you can provide a copy of the W-2 form, which you can access from your Dollar Tree account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to look up my pay stubs for Dollar Tree

How to look up my pay stubs for Dollar Tree?

For active employees, you need to enter your credentials on this login portal to look up your pay stubs for Dollar Tree.

Does Dollar Tree have an app or way to check the work schedule and payroll?

No, there is no app for employees to check their work schedule. However, they can access your work schedule and payroll using the Family Dollar website.

How do I log in to the Dollar Tree employee app/online portal?

You can use any device (iPhone, Android, etc.) to log in to your Dollar Tree employee online portal. Then you need to enter your User ID and passcode to access your information.

What if I can't remember my Dollar Tree login password & ID?

If you can’t remember your Dollar Tree Login Password and ID, you can mail paymail@dollartree.com to reset your credentials.

How can I ensure my application was received?

There is no sure way to ensure your application was received. However, your mail must include your legal name, the last four digits of your SSN, and your Associate ID.

How do I contact Dollar Tree support for pay stubs?

To contact Dollar Tree support for pay stubs, you can use this mail: paymail@dollartree.com.

Final Thoughts on Getting Pay Stub from Dollar Tree

Accessing your Dollar Tree paystubs might seem arduous, but it isn't. Once you have your credentials and access to the login portal, no one stops you from viewing your work schedule and pay stubs except for a slow internet connection.