How to Get a Check Stub From Workday

How to Get a Check Stub From Workday
Kristen Larson
By Kristen Larson
May 2, 2023
6 min

As an employee of a company that offers finance and HR solutions to other companies, you may assume that Workday staff can easily access their pay stubs. However, this isn't necessarily true.

If you're starting to wonder, "How do I check my pay stub for Workday?", don't worry. This article offers a straight-to-the-point guide on how to get pay stub from Workday. You'll also find out what to do if you quit your job and need to get your pay stubs from your former employer. Let’s get started!

How to Get Pay Stubs From Workday (Step-By-Step Guide)

Before we go into the processes, it's crucial to understand that it's not easy to access the company's online employee dashboard or seek employee help without contacting HR, all because of Workday's privacy regulations.

1. Download the Workday App on Your Device

Both Android and iOS users can download the Workday app. Go to the login screen after you've installed it on your gadget. You can also access Workday online via a web browser; however, you will need a special login link from the HR or IT team.

2. Enter or Scan Your Organization’s ID

Enter your organization's ID in the required bar or use the scan option. 

Afterward, navigate to the profile menu, click "My Account" and then "Organization ID," or you may ask a fellow worker. Alternatively, you can enter your company's full name. If you still experience difficulty, contact your organization's HR department.   

3. Enter Your Username and Password

When the above step is complete, a page will come up for you to enter your username and password. This is the Workday online pay stub portal or support login. After entering your details, the homepage will come up.

4. Navigate to the App Icon

The app icon is on the bottom right of the homepage. Click on it, and the worklets on the mobile app will appear.

5. Tap on “Pay Slips”

This will bring out a list of pay slips with the most recent pay slip at the top of the list. Select the pay slip you want to view, and payment details will appear. 

6. View Your Payment Statement

At the bottom of the page, click "View PDF Statement," and a page with the full payment details will automatically show. 

7. Print Your Pay Stub

Click the menu icon at the top right corner of the page and tap "Print."  You’ll receive a copy of the pay slip in your inbox, where you can save, view, or print it. 

What Information Do I Need to Get a Pay Stub From Workday?

To get pay stubs from Workday, you will need your organization's ID, email address, and passcode. 

Why May You Need Pay Stubs From Workday?

In cases where you need to track your income flow, tender proof of income, or settle payment discrepancies with your employer, pay stubs come in very handy. You can also use them to verify the correctness of the W-2 form when it's tax season.

What to Do if You Don't Work at Workday Anymore?

Not working with Workday anymore does not mean you can't get your pay stubs. If you need to get pay stubs from previous employers, contact the company's help center or your former manager. They should be able to help you access your pay stubs without trouble.

How Do I Get My Old Pay Stubs or W2 Form From Workday?

You can access your previous pay stubs from the Workday app. Sign in and follow the instructions above to view your payment history and obtain your old pay stubs.

Can I Make My Own Pay Stubs at Home?

Yes, you do not have to rely on your employer to obtain a pay stub like in the past. You can create your own pay stubs at home. However, note that unauthorized pay stubs cannot be tendered or accepted for official purposes such as proof of income and loan requests.

Do I Need Authorization if I Make My Own Pay Stubs Online?

You will need your company's authorization to tender or use your self-made pay stubs for official purposes. Your company may append its signature as a form of authorization or by any other means possible. 


How to look up my W2 form and pay stubs for Workday?

To look up your W2 form and pay stubs from Workday, you need to acces the pay stub portal or support. You can ownload the app, enter your organization ID, log in, and then navigate to a menu where you'll see an option for "Pay Slips." Click it and you'll be able to download your pay stubs.

Does Workday have an app or way to check work schedule and payroll?

Workday has an easy-to-navigate app available on Play Store and App Store.

How do I log in to the Workday Employee app/online portal?

It's simple. Download the Workday application on your device, and enter or scan your organization's ID. Afterward, enter your username and password, and log in. For more details, read our outlined step-by-step guide to achieve this. 

What if I can't remember my Workday login password & ID?

Contact your company's HR or IT department for assistance if you need help with your login credentials. Workday does not assist with login issues due to their security policies. 

How can I make sure my application was received?

You do not need to write any application before you obtain pay stubs from Workday. Just go to the app and download your pay stubs or pay slips.

How do I contact Workday support for pay stubs?

Contact your organization's help center if you need help obtaining your pay stubs. Your company's support team will provide you with ways to resolve it.


As the end of tax season approaches, knowing how to check your pay stub for Workday is crucial. We hope this guide has been able to help you get your check stubs so you can file your documents in time.

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