Houston Paycheck Calculator

Houston Paycheck Calculator

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States. Furthermore, it has a diverse workforce. The incomes and tax brackets have a great diversity throughout Texas. Moreover, the city is the most populous in Texas and has a hub of over 500 businesses.


Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States. Furthermore, it has a diverse workforce. The incomes and tax brackets have a great diversity throughout Texas. Moreover, the city is the most populous in Texas and has a hub of over 500 businesses.

Essentially, Houston generates a significant amount of revenue from taxes. If you are an employee in Houston, you will also pay multiple taxes. Calculating paychecks manually can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

Hence, our Houston paycheck calculator will help you. Therefore, we will explain tax rates thoroughly so you can comply with tax laws and regulations. 

Registering a Business in Houston

Seeking professional advice to register a business in Houston is crucial. According to the Houston government, using the "Startup Guide" can help. It will help you understand basic requirements.

Firstly, you should get your Employer Identification Number (EIN). The Internal Revenue Service (IRS|) issues this nine-digit. EIN is necessary for businesses with employees or that file tax returns. 

Next, you need to file a DBA form. The requirements of DBA vary according to the business type. If you register a business other than a sole or general proprietorship, you must file a "Certificate of Formation." You must file this certificate with the Texas Secretary of State. Finally, a business must obtain a "Sales Tax Permit" from the "Texas State Comptroller's Office." These processes apply to other major cities such as Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

There are many other requirements for formally starting a business in Houston. However, mentioned above are the most common requirements for registering a business in Houston.

Houston Tax Overview

Houston is a tax-friendly city. The city does not imply state or local income taxes. Hence, the overall tax situation is favorable in Houston, Texas. However, employers and employees should know about basic taxes in Houston. Unemployment base wage (SUTA)  in Houston are as follows: 


Unemployment Base Wage 







Payroll Tax in Houston

A tax imposed on employers, employees, or both, is called a payroll tax. Basically, the basis of this tax is the wages or salaries paid to employees. There are many types of payroll taxes. The basic ones are social security, Medicare, and withholding tax.  

In Houston, Texas, the NAICS industry average sets the employer's tax rate. The tax rate was 2.7 in past years. However, as of 2023, the tax rate set by OASDI is 6.2% for employers and employees. 

State Income Tax In Houston

The tax implied on the taxable income of employees by the state is called "State Income Tax." Houston, Texas, does not impose a state income tax. Moreover, Houston does not subject its residents to local income tax. Hence, employees can take the maximum amount of their salary home.

Social Security Tax in Houston 

Employees and employers must pay Social Security taxes to fund social security programs. According to FICA, the tax rate will be 6.2% in 2023. The maximum base wage will be up to $160,200.

Houston Paycheck Calculator

There are two documents an employee receives on their payday. These include a paycheck and a paystub. The paycheck displays the employee's total salary without deductions. However, a paystub provides a detailed breakdown of tax deductions

To estimate your tax deductions beforehand, our Houston paycheck calculator will help. However, before moving forward, note that Houston calculates paychecks according to Texas tax rates.

The average hourly wage in Houston is $10.00. The average working hours per payday are 87 in Houston. Hence, an employee will receive a gross paycheck of $870. Other cities have their paycheck calculators so you can always calculate depending on their respective hourly wage rates. Such include Austin paycheck calculators, Dallas paycheck calculators and Fort Worth paycheck calculators.

Houston Child Support Calculator

 Child support is the amount a non-custodial parent pays for a child's basic needs. In Texas, parents must support their children financially. The law is the same even if parents are divorced, separated, or unmarried. The child support is calculated based on the Texas Child Support Guidelines. 

If the parent's net monthly income is less than $7500, the child support will depend on the number of children needing financial support. However, if the net monthly income is higher, then the following standards are followed:

  • one child - 20% of monthly income
  • two children - 25% of monthly income
  • three children - 30% of monthly income
  • four children - 35% of monthly income 
  • five children - 40% of monthly income

Labor Laws in Houston

Employers must follow Texas Labor Code and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in Houston. The FLSA sets rules for minimum wage, overtime pay, and child labor.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is per the federal level. In 2023, it is $7.25 per hour. The amount has been the same for the past five years. All the cities in Texas follow the same rule. 

Overtime Pay

In Houston, all the employees must be paid extra for working hours over 40 per week. The amount is set at the time of employment. It must be half of the employee's salary.

Child Labor 

According to Texas Child Labor Law, it is illegal to employ a child under 14. However, certain circumstances eliminate this law. Moreover, no employers can employ a child for a job dangerous to the child's well-being.

Paid Sick Leave

Texas Government Code, section 661.202, states laws about paid sick leaves. According to the law, employees should be able to acquire sick leaves without salary deductions.

Houston Paystub Generator

Now we will subtract all the taxes from the gross paycheck amount i.e. $870. The fundamental tax charged on a paycheck is social security, Medicare, and federal income tax. In 2023, these tax rates are 11.02%, 6.2%, and 1.45%, respectively. After subtracting these taxes, your "take-home" money will be $708.00. 

Houston Tax Resources

Some official taxation departments of Houston are as follows:

  • Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector: The key responsibility of the Harris County tax collectors is to collect and pay out property taxes. The official website's URL is www.hctax.com. The contact information number is: (713) 274-8000.
  • Millas CPA & Associates LLC: Millas CPA is a public accounting firm in Houston. The firm practices tax and accounting. The official website's URL is millascpa.com. The contact number is +1 713-526-0338. 


Q: Does Houston impose state tax on a paycheck?

No, Houston, Texas, does not impose state income tax on paychecks. Texas state laws only imply federal income taxes on paychecks. Other than income taxes, the state also deducts social security and Medicare tax.

Q: Does Houston require a pay stub?

According to Texas laws, all employers must provide pay stubs to their employees. The Employees can understand the tax rates and tax deductions from their salaries through it. You can calculate your pay stub with our Houston paystub generator.

Q: What is the purpose of using the Houston paycheck calculator?

Houston paycheck calculator will help you calculate your estimated take-home salary. It will subtract taxes from the paycheck amount. Hence, an employee can estimate their remaining amount. 


In this article, we have thoroughly explained taxes in Houston. You can learn about basic taxes and calculate your monthly paycheck. Our Houston paycheck calculator will help you with accurate values. 

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