The Everything Paystub Guide

Top 22 Questions About Paystub: Definitive Guide in 2023
Kristen Larson
By Kristen Larson
February 25, 2023
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The Everything Paystub Guide 

Paystubs are a valuable part of business, documenting critical information and providing employees with proof of income they need for various ventures outside of work. It can be tricky to understand everything that goes into a paycheck, especially if creating one for the first time! We have all the answers you need.


In this guide, we will cut out all the fluff and answer any questions you have about paystubs. We have all the details you need, allowing this page to be your go-to for Everything Paystub information!

1. What is the definition of a paystub?

A paystub is a receipt of work and the transaction between an employee and an employer. It shows what an employee earned for working in a certain period. A paystub is a critical part of the payroll and payment process for employees and contractors. 

2. Why does an employee need a paystub?

Paystubs are necessary as proof of income and work. Many investments require proof of income, whether you’re taking out a loan or purchasing a vehicle. A paystub shows your work record and how much you make. A pay stub also details your ongoing compensation, health insurance contributions, medicare contributions, pay rate, bonuses, benefits, and gross earnings.

3. Is paystub one or two words?

Paystub is technically supposed to be two words, but many combine them to make things easier. Use whichever you are comfortable with as both are okay in mainstream culture and interchangeable in most organizations.

4. What are additional names for a paystub?

There are many names for a pay stub. The most common include the following:


  • Earnings statement
  • Check stub
  • Payroll stub
  • Payroll check
  • Payroll slip
  • Earnings slip
  • Payslip


If you hear one of these, the speaker refers to a pay stub.

5. Is a paystub the same as payroll?

Paystubs and payrolls sound similar. In a way, they are - both are part of a similar system. However, there are critical differences.


Payroll is the total a company must pay its employees. It is a larger digit divided into smaller amounts.


Paystubs are a portion of payroll but are individual branches for each employee. They are part of each other but not the same. A paystub is a piece of paper. Payroll is the system that issues paystubs. More specifically employers provide workers with individual paystubs.

6. How do you read a paystub?

It’s simple to read a paystub. Start by identifying the income and deductions sections, then move forward. Look for areas that stand out, such as the gross pay and net pay options. The information on an employee paystub can be simple to read. However, some pay stub documents contain abbreviations and employee benefits that are difficult to understand.     

7. What are paycheck stub abbreviations?

There are many abbreviations present on a paystub. The most common abbreviations found on paycheck stubs include SSN, YTD, FICA, CHK NO, VCHR, NO, and EIN.


SSN is short for social security number. Here are a few interpretations and abbreviations:


  • YTD is short for Year To Date. This is about the total of other earnings or deduction up until the specific date listed on the paystub.
  • FICA is short for Federal Insurance Contributions Act. You can read more about FICA here.
  • CHK No & VCHR No are short for Check Number. This is an internal tally control for the business issuing the paycheck stub.
  • EIN is short for Employee Identification number. This is a number issued to companies by the IRS as a sort of social security number for businesses. You can apply for an EIN for your business by visiting the IRS. 



Pay for Jury Duty


Family Medical Leave


Miscellaneous Pay


Holiday Pay


Federal Unemployment Tax

Child Supp

Child Support


California State Disability Insurance


State Employment Insurance


401k Retirement Contribution




With Holding


Paid Time Off 


Health Savings Account


Flexible Spending Account


Bereavement Pay


8. Can paystubs happen online?


Anything can happen online, and that includes paystubs. One study reports that over 45% of businesses use the business of companies on the internet to provide their paystubs online. It’s more popular than ever to do everything on the internet, especially with small businesses. Business owners are always looking for an advantage and pay stub makers and check stub maker provide both an advantage and a simple way to create a pay stub document.


Online paystubs are beneficial. They save time, money, paper, and more. They also allow for quick edits and verifications of calculations, overtime pay, gross wages, insurance premiums, and salary details in general.

9. Do paystubs have logos?


Some paystubs have logos, though not every single one is this way. Logos can sit on the paper in many ways, from the background as a watermark to the top or bottom left-hand corner. The placement of the logo depends on the size of the page.


Many small businesses avoid logos. Some only have the business name as identification. Others use company abbreviations to serve as a watermark.

10. What are paystubs used for in the world?

Paystubs are proof of income for an employee. They show that they were paid and when they worked. Employees used paystubs outside of work to provide security for apartments, car dealerships, and banks. They are a critical record of employment and prove a person can pay.


This paper also permits businesses to itemize work collected in a pay period. It will help companies keep track of various withholdings, such as federal and state taxes.

11. How do you get paystubs from a previous employer?

Sometimes, it’s necessary to obtain paystubs from a previous employer. This process is easier said than done, but we have some advice to make things easier.


If you are dealing with a smaller business, a simple visit or a phone call will do the trick. You should have access to the payroll department without too much work. They will get you your paystub,


Larger companies are a different story. Your best shot is to contact the human resources department, which will then record the call. They will then send an email to discuss the conversation and solidify your request for a stub before sending it to you.


It’s worth the additional effort to access an old paystub. Many times, lenders request years of your pay history. Having your old paystubs from a previous organization will come in handy.

12. How do I get a paystub if I have a direct deposit?


Some people have direct deposit and will not collect their paystubs with their payment at the end of the week. Luckily, it’s simple to get a paystub if you have this system set up. 


Most companies will email paystubs in briefs to display the deposited amount. Once you click the link in the email, you can view a digital stub.


If you are concerned about this setup, contact your authority figure in the company or the payroll provider. A leader will speak to HR to ensure you have the paystub you need.


If you have direct deposit, many companies will mail or email you your paystub weekly. You can also use any money in your bank to ensure you have an accurate number in your account. Use these numbers for proof of income whenever necessary.

13. Can I get paystubs from my bank?

You can’t get your paystubs from a bank, as they do not have access to your payroll. If your company makes your bank your payroll provider, they can provide the stubs. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to ask, right along with legal verification.

14. How do I get my paystubs online?

It’s also possible to get pay stubs online if you want to remain digital. All you do is ask your employer to give you access to your online payroll provider.


You will typically need to enter your:


  • Email Address
  • Password


These items provide full access to the system and should have during the initial setup process.


We also have another form of assistance through Real Check Stubs. You can use our online paystub generator to create paystubs and download them. We also permit you to email a PDF version to yourself for ultimate access.

15. Can I create my own paystub?

You can create your pay stub. If you are self-employed or someone who operates on a self-paid basis, it’s one of the best things you can do. Many self-employed people make their paystubs. The process is cheap, fast, and simple. If you are a business owner you can create an employee pay stub, a contractor,  and freelancers.  

There are services, tools and software created by experts that use the current tax laws to make using a paystub creator easy. These usually take into account the latest government regulations, tax forms, requirements and payroll records standards. 

If you’re interested in making one yourself, click here to create your paystub. We have everything you need. Once you place an order, you will receive your paycheck stub immediately via email. No need for shipping. Our customers report a great experience with our product. Our service provides a pdf download that you can print using a variety of payroll document paper. If you have any discrepancies with your orders our 24/7 support team will provide multiple solutions to correct the problem immediately.

16. What is the best paystub generator?

The best pay stub generator is the Real Check Stubs generator. Our system provides extensive template options and customization options, allowing businesses to take their paystub appearance to the next level. 


The templates from Real Check Stubs are classy and full of detail. We know detail is vital when creating a paycheck stub, and we ensure you have access to that. If you want to know more, check out our paystub template guide here

17. What app can I use to make paystubs? is one of the best apps for paystubs. It’s simple to use, and you don’t have to download it from the app store! All you need to do is enter into your browser to make your stub in less than a minute. Our products are 

18. How can I make my own paystub?

To make your paystub, we recommend using our generator to create the copies. You will need a few things to bring this document to life.


Here is what you need to make your paystub with our paystub maker:


  • Basic information: This section includes items like the company name and address.
  • Employee information: Add employee names, addresses, classifications, and more.
  • Income and deductions: Track income and deductions from the payments.
  • Numbers: Input all valid numbers into the system.

You will have a paystub after these items go inside the system.


Once you have everything in place, double-check the information and make any necessary changes. When you are sure it’s correct, move forward with the pay stub.

19. How do I make a realistic paystub?

Any paystub is a realistic paystub if you enter the proper information. The most common way to create a fake paystub is to enter the wrong details and use it as reality. The smallest mistakes will lead to plenty of trouble down the road.


Always double-check your information before handing out any paystubs. Look for spelling errors, miscalculations, and other errors. You should look for a watermark for legality. Ensuring accuracy is vital to your safety. The wrong data on a paystub can lead to fraud.

20. Do paystub generators work?

Paystub generators do work. It’s the creation of a paystub in the simplest format, using digital technology to calculate information to determine what the payroll should be. If the information is right, the generated content will be accurate.


It’s critical to ensure the information is as accurate as possible. If you input the wrong stuff, your paystub may be wrong. The pay stub maker is calculating your earnings based on the information you provide. This includes fica tax, information from your w-4, insurance selections, time on the job, tax filing status, tips, states of residence and employment, and other pertinent pay stub information.

21. Are paystub generators legal?

Although they might seem too good to be true, pay stub generators are legal. It’s tricky to create a paystub outline, and these generators make it possible to access quality in no time.


A paystub generator will help keep track of employees outside of the system. They also assist smaller companies who are not used to the large scale of the payroll system. Paystub generators are legal and a tremendous help.


Smaller businesses are not accustomed to using larger payroll systems because of the additional complexities and expenses.

 22. Is a paystub the same as a W-2?

Although they are similar items, a paystub is not the same form as a W-2. Several critical things set the two apart.


A W-2 goes out at the end of the year. This paper gathers your earnings and deductions, then reveals what goes to the IRS. An employer must give you a W-2, as it’s necessary to file your annual tax return.


A paystub occurs more often. Most businesses will give them out bi-weekly or monthly, displaying your income up to issuance.


Fun Facts:

The average number of hours worked per year is 1,788, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


 The average hourly wage for all workers in the United States is $25.97, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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