Are you applying for a personal loan, in which case the bank’s demanding a legit pay stub?

If so, you may be wondering about check stubs with verification. How is legitimacy confirmed? Can institutions tell between a real document and a fake one?

The bank scenario isn’t the only one in which legit pay stubs will be required. You may need one whenever renting a new property, refinancing a mortgage or going through an accident compensation process.

 Knowing how to read a paystub and what a legit one looks like will be important in such instances.

Here are all of the important details about verification procedures and how thoroughly these are carried out.


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Can Paystubs Be Verified?

Can Paystubs Be Verified?

Let’s start with the basics first.

A bank or a landlord cannot verify a paystub per se. However, they often have to look at such documents. Hence, real check stubs will be fairly easy to tell apart from fake ones.

Also, a couple of additional approaches can be employed to get more information about a person's actual income.

How Do Banks and Other Institutions Verify Paystubs

How Do Banks and Other Institutions Verify Paystubs

There are a few things that organizations can do in order to verify a paystub.  Some of the most common ones include:


  • ·         Asking for an income verification letter from your employer (also known as proof of income letter)
  • ·         Getting in touch with an employer to confirm the information featured in a paystub
  • ·         Using a third-party service to carry out paystub verification
  • ·         Checking in both public and private wage databases for additional information (general ones like the OECD database and the Bureau of Labor Statistics database, as well as more specialized catalogs)
  • ·         Requesting Form 4506 from the IRS or asking for Form W-2 (much more difficult to fake)


There are also a number of signs that are a major giveaway, as far as paystub authenticity goes.


Ways to Spot Fake Paystubs

Ways to Spot Fake Paystubs

Some signs that give away fake paystubs include the following:


  • ·         Round numbers that look too neat and tidy (gross wages aren’t always rounded)
  • ·         Inconsistent or missing information from the paystub (some states have paystub requirements about the specific kinds of data to be featured)
  • ·         Unprofessional formatting and document appearance (column issues, blurring, alignment issues, etc.)
  • ·         The letter O used instead of zeroes
  • ·         Sums in the paystub (wages, deductions, contributions) not adding up


Can Pay Stubs That Look Real but Aren’t Work

Can Pay Stubs That Look Real but Aren’t Work

So, can you use a fake paystub to get an apartment or in one of the other instances mentioned in the introduction?


Even landlords who haven’t been dealing with tenants for a long time will potentially ask for some proof of income.

Check stubs with verification provide an easy opportunity for them to carry out the check and move forward with applicants.

Remember – it’s fairly simple for someone to get in touch with an employer and ask for some proof of income. Hence, faking a paystub (through the use of a free online generator, for example) isn’t the best idea.


Also, keep in mind that providing misleading information can eventually result in eviction if a fake document is eventually uncovered.

Thus, while getting away with it is a possibility, this approach can contribute to some serious problems down the line.


Ways to Get Legit Pay Stubs

Ways to Get Legit Pay Stubs

The easiest way to get a legit paystub is to ask for one from your employer.


Many companies will issue real pay stubs, even if the respective state doesn’t have such a requirement.

Paycheck stubs give employees important information about their earnings and taxes. Creating such documents for each pay period makes it easier for the organization to keep better track of payroll. Paystub issuing also contributes to the brand’s positive image.


If you are an employer and you consider issuing legit paystubs, you should definitely move forward with the idea.


There are high quality paystub generators out there. These simplify the process of creating paystubs and making sure they feature only correct information.


In fact, most companies use such platforms or software products to generate authentic paystubs for their workers.

While there may be some differences in terms of formatting and structure, genuine paystub generators meet local legal requirements and simplify the process of calculating income and deductions accurately.


What Is the Best Real Check Stub Maker?

What Is the Best Real Check Stub Maker?

Luckily, paystub generators are available both for free and as premium versions. Finding the right one depends on company specifics and regulatory requirements in the particular state.


Some things to pay attention to before choosing the best check stub maker include:


  • ·         Ease of customization and use
  • ·         The ability to automate some of the data entry and calculation processes
  • ·         Ease of integration with other software (like payroll programs, for example)
  • ·         Availability of numerous templates
  • ·         Database capacity (in order to store a large enough archive of old employee paystubs)


Is Real Check Stubs Legit?

Speaking of real check stub generators, we have to talk about


Is this platform legit? The short answer is yes. It can be used by companies to create real check pay stubs that meet all regulatory requirements and that are readily verifiable.


Some of the best features that Real Check Stubs comes with will be discussed below.



The platform allows you to carry out effortless customization.

You’re in charge of selecting the right template, customizing it and making sure that the company features all essential brand identity elements.


Automatic Calculations

When you start using Real Check Stubs, you’ll simply need to enter certain bits of information.

Once these details are provided, the software will handle many complex calculations automatically. This feature significantly reduces the risk of a mistake and guarantees the legitimacy and verifiability of all numbers.


Regular Updates

A paycheck stub generator cannot work well if it’s not updated regularly.

Real Check Stubs gets frequent software updates to be reflective of legislative changes and the evolving needs of employers.


Exceptional Accuracy

This is probably the most important characteristic as far as both employers and employees are concerned.

Many free generators lack accuracy (if they enable automatic calculations at all). Such issues instantly undermine the legitimacy of the product. With Real Check Stubs, you can rest assured that all of the numbers will add up and make sense.


Is It Possible to Get a Fake Paystub?

Check stubs with verification are pretty much the norm today.


Employers provide authentic documents that can be verified via a simple check (whether the checking entity is getting in touch with the company or requesting information from the IRS).


Some people have tried faking their real pay stubs without the knowledge of an employer.

Such dire actions usually result from desperation – needing finances, attempting to keep an apartment. Eventually, however, the truth becomes uncovered.

Delaying the inevitable may seem like a good idea at the time being but the consequences of such manipulation often expand beyond the obvious.


How Can I Tell If I’m Getting a Real Check Pay Stub

How Can I Tell If I’m Getting a Real Check Pay Stub

We’ve already mentioned some of the most prominent and common giveaways.

While a trained professional will have a much easier time spotting such inconsistencies, anyone can uncover them. You’ll simply need to learn a bit more about the structure of a genuine paystub. When you have this information, you can take a detailed look at a paystub to verify its authenticity.


Start with the basic information – the company’s details, as well as your own. If you spot spelling errors or missing bits of data there, chances are that something isn’t right with the paycheck stub.


You can also attempt to do the math.


There are online calculators (like this one and this one) you can use to handle some of the calculations. They simplify the determination of tax deductions and other contributions.

Alternatively, you can inform yourself about deduction percentages to handle the numbers on your own.


Any inconsistency should be seen as a red flag.


If you’re checking a paystub and you have questions or uncertainties about it, get in touch with the issuing organization. You should be capable of uncovering additional details pertaining to the document.


Final Verdict: Spotting Fakes and Completing Successful Employment Verification

It doesn’t matter if you’re a landlord or someone who’s simply curious about faking the authenticity of a paystub.


Fakes can be spotted almost effortlessly, especially if there are blatant errors.

Even if there aren’t, numerous kinds of verifications may be carried out to confirm some or all of the information featured in a paycheck stub.


Risky paystubs are an everyday occurrence in certain fields (like real estate rentals, for example). With the proliferation of free paystub generators, these have become easier to create than ever before. Anyone considering such an endeavor, however, should think twice about it.


A simple call with an employer will reveal quite a lot of information that a fake pay stub may be trying to conceal.

So, yes, verifying paystubs is a possibility (a simple one at that!). Some institutions can request information from the IRS or they could use a third party to legitimize income information.


Sometimes, spotting a fake paystub will be as simple as doing the math.

In other instances, a simple bank statement will reveal essential details that either confirm or completely illegitimize the paystub.


The use of high quality pay stub generators like Real Check Stubs can provide employers, employees and third parties peace of mind.

This is one of the simplest opportunities to make paystubs look real, legitimate, and reputable.

Questions about fake stubs will abound as long as creating such "documents" is as easy as entering some information online.

With the right tools, however, questions about verification can be dismissed altogether.

Most companies already rely on tools that result in professional, well-organized and accurate paystubs.

If your organization isn't one of those, you can easily achieve change. Good possibilities are readily available and they yield an excellent return on investment.