Chicago Paycheck Calculator

Chicago Paycheck Calculator

Last year, Chicago made around $1,767,451,000 in taxes. The amount might seem high, but the number of taxpayers is not.



Learn more about Chicago taxes and calculate your salary and hourly paycheck. Furthermore, discover how to create your stub in minutes

Registering a Business in Chicago

Before you plan on starting a business in Chicago, you must know that no business in Chicago can run without a City of Chicago Business License. A special department, i.e., BACP, helps in obtaining this license.

Everyone starting a business pays a small fee. This fee is usually $150 with an addition to the franchise tax. 

Chicago Tax Overview

The finance department of the city of Chicago is responsible for collecting taxes and other amounts, including revenue, payroll taxes, state taxes, and more.

There is no doubt that Chicago is an expensive city. The tax rates are high, but business owners find ways to go about it.

However, for newbies, the employee and employer taxes might not be the best thing to face.

Taxable Base Wage



Chicago Base Wage








SUTA Rates 

Unlike in 2022, all sorts of tax rates in Chicago have increased in 2023. The range of SUTA rate tax is from 0.725% up to 8.6%. This rate is pretty high compared to other states.

FUTA Rates 

The FUTA rate for 2023 is close to what it was in 2022. Employers need to pay 6% of FUTA tax from their total pay.

FICA Rates 

FICA tax is paid by employees and employers. In 2023, this tax rate will be 7.65%.

Other Taxes

Apart from FUTA, FICA, and SUTA tax, employers and employees need to pay social security tax, medicare tax, and some other federal taxes.

Other Deductions on Paystub

There are three types of deduction on a Chicago paystub, i.e., Mandatory, Voluntary, and Pretax deductions. The above taxes are a part of the mandatory tax. Others include parking tax, insurance tax, and more.

Chicago Payroll Taxes Withholding

A 4.95% tax is withheld from the payroll of each individual. 

Chicago Paycheck Calculator

A paycheck is a piece of paper given to an employee by the company where they are working. The employee can use this paycheck to get their pay from the bank. There's a slight difference between a paycheck and a paystub that many people ignore.

You can use any free Chicago paycheck calculator to calculate your paycheck. You need to enter your gross pay, net pay, and other amounts to get the paycheck. 

However, this paycheck will not include deductions like medical insurance, LTD: Long Term Disability Insurance, or others. 

If you require that information, you need to use the paystub generator.

Chicago Child Support Calculator

Like all other states, child support in Chicago is based on the gross pay of both parents. It is not only based on the income of the non-custodial parent. This payment helps support the child's expenses, ensuring the pressure is not built on one parent only.

Generally, the payment for one child is around $1,100.

Labor Laws in Chicago

The labor laws in Chicago are known as the best among all other cities. All employees have the right to get pregnancy leave, paid sick leave, right to religious accommodations, and wage discussions. However, these are not all the labor laws that Chicago has to offer.

Chicago Paystub Generator

The Chicago paystub generator is an online paystub generator that you can use to generate paystubs while sitting at home. You can use the Real Check Stub error-free paystub generator that is one click to your paystub at home.

Chicago Tax Resources

  • The TaxPrepChicago is a department that helps people to obtain free tax services
  • The TAP is a program that works as a walk-in program helping people with their federal taxes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the parts of a Chicago paycheck?

The parts of a Chicago paycheck are:

  • Gross wage
  • Net pay
  • Employee tax
  • Employer tax
  • Other deductions
  • What are the tax rates in Chicago?

The tax rates are high in Chicago. The 2023 sales tax rate is 10.25%.

  • Does the Real Check Stub paystub generator work?

Absolutely. The Real Check Stub paystub generator works great.


2023 is not the best year for Chicagoans in terms of tax rates. The increasing inflation rate and taxes are becoming a problem for small and large-scale businesses. But those who aim to run a business in this city will find this post of great help.

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