Dallas Paycheck Calculator

Dallas Paycheck Calculator

When you calculate your salary or hourly paycheck in Dallas you should consider some factors like social security, state income taxes, medicare, and other expenses. Then, you can get a precise estimate of the money you will receive. 



A paycheck calculator is a simple tool for employees to check their net pay after all tax deductions. It helps ensure that people are being paid the right amount as per their salary or per-hour wages. 

When it comes to taxes, Dallas contributes around 8.25% of the country's total tax. 

To know more about Dallas’ taxes and paycheck calculator, read on.

Registering a Business in Dallas

To start a business in Dallas, you must decide between a few things.

  • The first thing involves deciding between S Corp and C Corp

  • You can also register as an LLC for those not wanting to go the corporate route. However, like S Corp and C Corp,  LLC has pros and cons.

For your convenience, you can use online platforms that are designed to help you register your business. 

Dallas Tax Overview

Other than property taxes, some franchise taxes apply to businesses working wholesale and non-exempt businesses. Both businesses are taxed at different rates, with non-exempt businesses being taxed almost 0.5% more than wholesale businesses. 

Moreover, businesses whose revenues exceed the limit ($1.23 million) must pay an income tax, better known as the privilege tax.


Dallas Base Wage







SUTA Rates

The unemployment tax rate in Dallas varies from 0.31% and goes above, depending on the company's revenue. This tax is to be paid by the employer/business and not the employees.

FUTA Rates

If the employer/business pays the SUTA tax before the date in the tax form, the FUTA rate varies accordingly. Generally, the FUTA tax is around 0.6% after the unemployment tax has been paid.

FICA Rates

Not all taxes are to be paid by employers; some taxes fall under both the employer and the employee. And the FICA tax is one of them. In Dallas, the FICA tax rate is 6.2%. 

Other Taxes

The medicare tax in Dallas is 1.45%, however, the percentage can vary depending on the complete information employers/businesses/employees provide in Form W-2 and W-4.

Other Deductions on Paystub

Apart from the taxes mentioned above, a few other deductions are made on every paystub. These include child support payments and the social security tax.

Dallas Payroll Taxes Withholding

Since there is zero to no individual income tax in Dallas, the state withholding tax in Dallas is also zero.

Dallas Paycheck Calculator

A paycheck and a paystub may be similar but are still quite different things. A paycheck is part of a paystub and mentions the salary details, while a paystub mentions all information regarding tax deductions and child support.

You can use the free Dallas Paycheck Calculator provided on Real Check Stubs. Deductions for your medical insurance and 401k are made from your paycheck. You can either use the Dallas hourly paycheck calculator or the yearly one.

Dallas Child Support Calculator

In Texas, all cities, including Dallas, require the non-custodial parent to pay a specific amount as child support. 

Depending on the number of children, you can calculate your child support. For one child, a 20% deduction is made.

Labor Laws in Dallas

Like any other state, all cities in Texas have labor laws, including Dallas. The minimum wage in Dallas is around $7.25 per hour, with overtime pay being 1.5 times more than the regular rate. 

Full-time employees are expected to work a maximum of 40 hours, after which overtime pay goes into effect.

Dallas Paystub Generator

A paystub generator allows you to create pay stubs for free. You can use any online paystub generator, but Real Check Stubs paystub generator is straightforward and user-friendly. All you need to do is enter details regarding your company and salary.

A Dallas Paystub Generator will allow employers and employees to create pay stubs for different purposes.

Texas Tax Resources

  • Texas gets most of its taxes from property and federal taxes.
  • Taxes are collected at the municipal level rather than at the state level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are tax rates high in Texas?

No, tax rates in Texas are not high. Moreover, this state has no income tax, making it ideal for businesses.

2. What are the tax deductions you see on a Dallas paystub?

The tax deductions you see on your paystub are for social security and FICA.

3. Are paychecks and pay stubs the same?

No, the paystubs and paychecks are separate things. A paycheck is part of a paystub.


Dallas is a non-income tax city. The taxation process for all cities in Texas is somewhat the same. However, federal taxes, child support, and medical insurance can impact your paycheck nonetheless.

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