Jacksonville Paycheck Calculator

Jacksonville Paycheck Calculator

Jacksonville’s economy is driven by diversification. Several financial services, biomedical technology agencies, consumer goods dealers, distributors, manufacturers, information service providers, and insurance companies fuel Jacksonville’s economic growth.



Jacksonville is home to the headquarters of four fortune 500 companies including Southeastern Grocers, CSX Corporation, Fidelity National Financial, and Fidelity National Information Services.

Moreover, the thriving travel and tourism sector of Jacksonville also supports approximately 43,000 jobs which are 10% of the local workforce. 

Registering a Business in Jacksonville

The rising economy of the city offers fantastic growth opportunities. However, you may need to set a clear strategy to start a business in Jacksonville. Your to-do list should include the following. 

  • Draw a transparent business plan
  • Learn the legal formation and structures
  • Apply for an EIN
  • Once you receive your EIN, go for state tax registration and acquire a dedicated state tax ID
  • Obtain necessary local business licenses and permits
  • Obtain insurance and set up accounts
  • Finally, start necessary operations including hiring, distribution, client acquisition, etc

Jacksonville Tax Overview 

Jacksonville’s tax code compares according to Florida tax rates, collections, and burdens. Florida has one of the lowest tax burdens in the USA.  It also doesn’t have a state income tax for individuals. However, there is a 5.5% corporate income tax. 

Thus, every income-generating business in Florida must file a corporate income tax return unless they fall under any exemption. This link will help clarify the type of businesses in the state. On the other hand, the residents need to pay standard federal taxes, which look like the following. 

Federal Tax Brackets 2023 (Single Filers)

Taxable Income

Tax Payable

< $10,275

10% of the taxable income

< $41,775

$1027.50 + 12% of the excess over $10,275

< $89,075

$4807.50 + 22% of the excess over $41,775

< $1,70,050

$15,213.50 + 24% of the excess over $89,075

< $2,15,950

$34,647.50 + 32% of the excess over $1,70,050

< $3,23,925

$49,335.50 + 35% of the excess over $2,15,950

> $3,23,923

$86,127 + 37% of the excess of 3,23,925

For detailed information on updated federal income taxes, refer to this link

Florida State Unemployment Tax Rates (SUTA)

In Florida, SUTA or reemployment tax is levied on employers, and the collection goes to the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund. The first $7000 of wages paid to each employee annually is taxable, and the rate is 2.7%. 

FUTA Rates

The standard FUTA tax rate is 6.0% on the first $7000 of wages. It’s paid by the employers to serve the welfare of eligible unemployees.

FICA Rates

Fica rates comprise social security and Medicare taxes. The medicare withholding is 4.5% per pay period of an individual’s income, while the social security withholding is 6.2%. 

Other Taxes 

Not all taxes in Florida are created equal, and there is a range of collections that businesses and residents should be aware of. 

Estate Tax: Florida doesn’t have any estate tax or inheritance tax. Besides, there are no taxes on intangible goods like investments. 

Sales Tax: The state sales tax rate in Jacksonville is 6.00%. However, there are exceptions like medicine and groceries. Besides sales tax, there are dedicated use taxes which you need to pay for internet and other out-of-state purchases. 

Property Tax: Jacksonville has tax rates at the local level. However, there are exemptions like widow exemptions, senior citizen exemptions, disability and blindness exemptions, senior citizen exemptions, etc. In addition, there is also an exemption for veterans on property taxes. 

Other Deductions on Paystub

Other deductions in a pay stub in Jacksonville, Florida, may include disability insurance, garnishments mandated by legal actions, tool or uniform reimbursements, damages caused by employees, etc. However, there is no specific law or room to govern the deduction factor in a paycheck. Therefore, employers should calculate them ethically and rationally. 

Jacksonville Payroll Taxes Withholding

There are two types of tax withholding - pre and post. Employees who are part of HSA, FSA, or any other eligible benefits should be subtracted from gross wages before the employer takes out the taxes. Conversely, post-tax withholding should include wage garnishments, loss recovery, etc. 

Jacksonville Paycheck Calculator

Every salary or hourly paycheck calculator in Jacksonville will ask employers to calculate the gross pay first. Then, there will be a deduction of federal and state payroll taxes including federal income taxes, FICA, savings account contributions, garnishments, etc.

For appropriate calculations, employers can use a free paycheck calculator. Besides, they should be aware of the relevant forms for filing returns. They include W4 forms, 401k, 1099 forms, Florida new hire reporting forms, etc. 

Child Support Calculator

You can calculate your monthly child support payment using a Jacksonville child support calculator. However, the calculation should follow Florida’s child support guidelines. The calculator will ask you for a few inputs like the monthly income of the custodial and noncustodial parent, monthly alimony amount received by the custodial parent, per month daycare cost, etc. For more details, refer to this link

Labor Laws in Jacksonville

Jacksonville labor laws include an extensive range of labor-related issues like overtime leaves, breaks, severance pay, etc. Child labor is strictly prohibited. Minors under 14 cannot work except for a few exceptional circumstances. Workers aged 16 or older are not permitted to work more than 30 hours per week. Besides, no workers can perform duties during school hours. 

There are no specific payment obligations. However, employers must pay their staff regularly, and they should always stick to a dedicated payroll plan. The minimum wage is $8.65 per hour, and the minimum per-hour tip is $5.63. For working overtime, employees can expect federally specified overtime rates. 

Jacksonville Paystub Generator

A Jacksonville paystub generator is an easy-to-use tool for explaining your employee's gross earnings, net pay, deductions, etc. An efficient online paystub generator like Real Check Stubs allows you to generate precise paystubs effortlessly. 

Jacksonville Tax Resources

  • IRS

Website: https://www.irs.gov/filing/florida-where-to-file-addresses-for-taxpayers-and-tax-professionals

Phone : 800-829-1040( Individuals ) |  800-829-4933 ( Businesses ) 

  • Tax Foundation

Website: https://taxfoundation.org/state/florida/

Phone: 202-464-6200


  • How to use a Jacksonville paycheck calculator accurately?

A good paycheck calculator allows you to calculate paychecks efficiently and conveniently. All you need to do is fill in the mandatory details like gross earnings, net income, deductions, etc., and hit the dedicated calculation button.

  • What is a Jacksonville check stub maker?

A check stub maker is an online tool to generate pay stubs online. These efficient tools are highly popular because of their rapid and convenient approach. 

  • How to calculate overtime pay using a Jacksonville paystub generator?

To calculate overtime pay using a paystub generator, you need to include the overtime hours and other necessary details and then hit the dedicated button for calculation. You can refer to this link to know more.


We hope that by reading this post, you have been able to learn everything there is to know about how to simply calculate your paycheck in Jacksonville or anyplace else in the United States.

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