Los Angeles Paycheck Calculator

Los Angeles Paycheck Calculator

Having stored more than 244,000 businesses, Los Angeles has one of the biggest economies in the world. Moreover, Los Angeles tax rates are of great importance. If you are employed in the city, you need to know about its tax rates and other things you will have to pay.



Los Angeles has one of the biggest economies in the world. Moreover, Los Angeles tax rates are of utmost importance. 

If you are employed in the city, you need to know about its tax rates and other things you will have to pay. We’re here to pass on that information to you. 

Registering a Business In Los Angeles

Businesses are of two types, i.e., LLCs and corporations (S corp and C corp). Deciding between both is the first step to registering a business.

The registration form costs around $26 before which you need to decide on the name and agent for your business. 

Los Angeles Tax Overview

LA’s state income tax stands at 9.5%. Apart from that, employers must submit payroll taxes before the time ends. This tax is different for new and old employers. Moreover, you will know the actual rate of tax by the end of the year.

Additionally, the municipalities might add some other taxes depending on the information provided on the W-2 form and W-4.

Taxable Base Wage


LA Base Wage







SUTA Rates

The SUTA rates, or the Unemployment tax, have been the same for the last three years. New employers need to pay a fixed 3.4% tax. However, after three years into the business, the tax rate changes depending on the revenue.

FUTA Rates

2023 brings good news for employers who have cleared their unemployment tax as the federal tax department announced a discount on the FUTA tax. Currently, the tax is 0.6%, while the rate can vary depending on the W-2 form.

FICA Rates

The social security tax or FICA tax is the same for employees and employers. The 2023 tax is 6.2%.

Other Taxes

Apart from the social security tax, the FICA tax also involves a medicare tax of 1.45%. Moreover, the federal income tax rate depends on the employees' pay.

Other Deductions on Paystub

The city of Los Angeles deducts State Disability Insurance from the paystub of employees. The tax is not much and climbs up to only 0.9%.

Los Angeles Payroll Taxes Withholding

Depending on the income, the withholding tax varies. For example, those earning below $9,400 must pay a 1.1% withholding tax.

Los Angeles Paycheck Calculator

The primary difference between a paycheck and a paystub is that the former is outdated. Moreover, unlike paycheck, information is in-depth on a paystub.

Furthermore, every deduction made on your salary from medical insurance to LSA is written on a paystub.

On the free Los Angeles Paycheck calculator, you need to state your gross pay/net pay, and you will see the paycheck immediately.

Los Angeles Child Support Calculator

Child support in California mostly depends on the income of both parents. However, the average is 25% for the non-custodial parent.

It also comes down to how many children there are. The child support for one child will be different for two children.

Labor Laws in Los Angeles

The new labor law for 2023 states that employers must provide overtime pay after the working hours or hours of work, i.e., 9/day and 50/week if they have less than 25 employees. 

The minimum wage is 12 and 13 dollars per hour. Moreover, employees have the right to get paid sick and pregnancy leave (for women).

Los Angeles Paystub Generator

Whether in LA or NY, you can always use an online paystub generator. The LA paystub generator by Real Check Stubs is an easy way to get things done. You can either use the existing templates or create a new one.

It is an error-free paystub generator and allows you to do things quickly. Just fill in the blanks on the template and select how many stubs you require.

Los Angeles Tax Resources 

  • There is a three-month period for paying taxes throughout the year
  • The employers and employees must use the federal forms (941 and 940) for tax-related actions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does the Los Angeles pay stub show child support deduction?

No, the Los Angeles pay stub does not show child support deduction.

2. Are Los Angeles tax rates high?

It would be wrong to say that Los Angeles tax rates are high compared to other cities and states.

3. Is a paycheck preferred to a pay stub in Los Angeles?

No, a paycheck is not preferred to a paystub in Los Angeles. In fact, pay stubs are the new way all around the world.


Los Angeles is a great city to start a business. However, the tax rates here are higher than in some other states. But the fact that the opportunities in this city are tremendous explains the increasing tax rate.

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