How Many Pay Stubs Do I Need for a Mortgage?

How Many Pay Stubs Do I Need for a Mortgage?
March 26, 2023
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March 26, 2023
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The provision of authentic and correct documents is essential for mortgage approval. Typically, the money lenders verify the authenticity of these documents before approving the loan. One of the most crucial documents for mortgage approval is proof of a stable income.

Pay stubs containing essential information about the company, total earnings, tax deductions, and other relevant details serve as proof of consistent income. If you need to get a mortgage, you can prove your income by presenting pay stubs. Now the question is, how many pay stubs are sufficient for mortgage approval? Here, we have discussed this subject in detail, let’s get started.

What Paperwork Do I Need for a Mortgage Application?

Do I need any special documentation to apply for a mortgage or purchase a home? The following are the necessary documents for obtaining a mortgage.

  • Identification proof: You must submit an official document with your photo as your proof of identity. For instance, you can use a driving license or passport.
  • Proof of address: The money lenders require your proof of residency. Generally, you need to submit residency proof for the last three years. Your recent pay stubs, passport, bank statements, and utility bills serve as proof of address.
  • Employment letters: The employment letter tells your hiring date, monthly payment, and employment status. The mortgage lender verifies your financial status through this letter.
  • Pay stubs: Pay stubs are an essential part of your mortgage application. This document contains critical information like gross income, monthly income, and tax returns. Mortgage lenders require this information to ensure the mortgage applicant can pay back the loan on time.
  • Personal bank statements: Bank statements help mortgage lenders verify your financial stability, lifestyle, and affordability to pay back the loan. But how many bank statements for mortgage loans are enough? Lenders in the mortgage industry typically require and evaluate the borrower's bank statements from the preceding three months.
  • Credit report: Mortgage lenders also ask to check your credit score and history. Hence, you need to submit a credit report.

Other documentation required to submit a mortgage application includes rental payment history, bankruptcy records, a divorce decree, W-2 forms, tax returns, and credit cards.

Pay Stubs for Mortgage Application 

Mortgage lenders require pay stubs to confirm the applicant’s financial stability so they can get their money back at the scheduled time. People with the strongest financial health have to provide proof of income to get a mortgage. Some people may provide fake check stubs for renting. Hence, the mortgage lenders ask for multiple pay stubs and take time for the documents' verification.

How many pay stubs do I need for a mortgage

How Many Pay Stubs Do I Need for a Mortgage?

Generally, you must submit at least three pay stubs when applying for a mortgage. Check out how many pay stubs for apartment renting are required. Also, read detailed information about check stubs for renting before applying.

Why Are Pay Stubs Important as Proof of Income?

A pay stub acts as a comprehensive financial document carrying essential information about the applicant’s monthly income, annual income, tax deductions, and other basic information. The basic information includes the name and detailed residential address of the employee.

In addition, a pay stub will typically include the company's contact information. All these pieces of the company's and applicant’s personal and financial information show that the mortgage applicant is a regular employee of an authentic job place. Therefore, a pay stub is essential for providing proof of income.

What If You Are Self-Employed?

If you are self-employed, you can generate a pay stub in order to apply for a mortgage. Verifying pay stubs as a landlord is essential before mortgage approval. Hence, whether you work at a firm or are self-employed, a pay stub as proof of income is necessary. Check out the Real Check Stubs Generator to create your pay stub.

How to Get Pay Stubs for Mortgage Application

Regular pay stubs are a standard practice for most employers to deliver to their staff. However, if your employer does not give you a monthly pay stub, you can create your own using a pay stub generator.

Check out Real Check Stubs to generate professional, modern, and all-inclusive pay stubs for applying for a mortgage. These pay stub templates allow you to enter essential information about your employment status in detail, which is crucial to getting a mortgage.


How many pay stubs do you need to refinance?

You and any other co-borrowers on loan must provide pay stubs from the past two or three months (such as a partner or spouse). If you are self-employed, copies of your most recent two federal income tax returns and profit-and-loss statements are required to prove your income.

Be ready to provide the following details: W-2s from the last two years (for the previous 2 years), and a pay stub (covering the most recent 30 days). The bank provides statements of all financial accounts, including investments (for the previous 2 months, all pages)

How many pay stubs are needed for mortgage pre-approval?

The mortgage lenders require you to submit at least two pay stubs for pre-approval.

How many paystubs do you need for a mortgage application?

You need to submit payslips for at least the last three months with the mortgage application. These paystubs serve as proof of income without paycheck stubs.

How many bank statements are needed for a mortgage?

The submission of bank statements with mortgage applications is essential. But how many bank statements are needed for the mortgage? The required number of bank statements varies from lender to lender. Typically, mortgage lenders require you to submit bank statements for all your accounts for at least the past three months. A bank statement may serve as proof of income without paycheck stubs.

How many pay stubs do I need for a personal loan?

You need to submit at least the last three pay stubs to get a personal loan. You should also include your most recent two years' worth of tax returns and W-2 statements. The lender may also ask for additional documentation to verify your financial health.